Sindy the doll we love to dress

2nd May 2020

The 1981 Sindy Outfits and Separates has now been added to the Museum. Please see the blog for more information.

Please click on the photo to visit our new page. 

We do hope you enjoy it.

5th April 2020

Please see our new Blog where we will be considering Sindy stuff and attempting to finish cataloging the Pedigree Sindys!
Hope you all keeping safe and well in these current difficult times.

31st December 2018

It is with great pleasure that we are publishing the first set of costume Sindy dolls which were made by a very talented lady at the end of the 1960s and early 1970s. They are totally in keeping with the time, and we sincerely hope you like looking at them. Over the next few weeks the other sets will be added to the Museum.

We would like to thank you for continued interest and support in our endeavours and we thank you for all the wonderful messages that we have received. You maybe interested to know that Our Sindy Museum will now be available in perpetuity as it is to be archived by the British Library. The following is part of their email to the Museum.

The British Library would like to archive your website in the UK Web Archive and to make it publicly available. The UK Web Archive was established in 2004 to capture and archive websites from the UK domain and across the web, responding to the challenge of a digital black hole in the nations memory. It contains specially selected websites that represent different aspects of UK heritage on the web, as well as important global events.

Long after we are gone, future generations will still be able to visit the Museum and see our beloved childhood friend.

With all good wishes for 2019, Happy New Year to Sindy folk everywhere.

22nd November 2018

At long last, we have finally published the 1980 Scenesetters.  You can access the page by clicking on the drop-down list on the menu bar under More above 👆🏼
or you can use this link

We are just missing the Vinyl Caravan for this year. Hope you enjoy the page!

14th November 2018

We turned our attention back to all the beautiful and enigmatic 1972 Super Show fashions. We have included new photos and updated the information, and included what we now believe to be is the fabled Elizabethan headdress. Such lovely outfits, still hard to believe they were made for a child's doll.

12th November 2018

Again, more baby steps as we get to grips with the new site builder. Today's update is 1977's pretty nightwear set Misty Blue with an MIB version with white fluffy slippers. Unfortunately you can't link to specific exhibits... only to the page now 🤷🏻‍♀️

9th November 2018

One of the biggest issues we face is getting used to the new website tools, so baby steps really. To get the reboot started here is another of the 1968 accessory packs. Just one to find... that we know of that is 😅

Pack B (Ref 12S87) Traveller (aka Travelling?)

7th November 2018

Wow! Thank you everyone who has written to us in the past 24 hours, we are still wading through your replies. One comment received was that the museum could not be viewed on smart phones. Lol technology had moved since we last updated the site. You will be pleased to know that you can now view the museum on your smart phones. So now you can enjoy the museum whilst on the go.

Have a great day!

6th November 2018

Hello, it's hard to believe that 5 years and 2 months have passed by since Kathy and I last looked at the Museum. Our real lives unfortunately  took over as the need of our loved ones came to the forefront and so our labour of love had to take a back seat, and so time passed by very, very quickly. But, at last we have decided to reboot the museum and finish what we set out to do. We are still getting to grips with how the technology has changed. But, we thank everyone who stuck by the museum... thank you.

We have some interesting things to show you, and we have learned a lot in the intervening 5 years, so please bear with us as we sort things out and update what we know. We welcome still all your comments, we hope you like our new design. We are still upgrading and replacing missing links so please let us know if you spot anything that isn't working properly.

But most of all, thank you, we appreciate your continued interest in Sindy so much.
Best wishes
Annie & Kathy
6th September 2013

Today is Sindy's 50th birthday and Our Sindy Museum's 3rd anniversary. Time goes by so very quickly, we still vividly remember seeing and playing with Sindy in the 1960s; lol we certainly don't feel 50 years older and Sindy definitely doesn't look it. We wish our Sindy friends and fellow collectors all the very best and hope you will join us in wishing Sindy another wonderful 50 years.

With our love and continued thanks

Annie xxx & Kathy xxx

2nd September 2013

Hard to believe that Sindy will be 50 on Friday 6th September and in anticipation of her special day we are publishing a new article which looks at the lifestyle and times of 1963. Some of you will probably be too young to remember or you were not even born. As for the rest of us, well we just wished we still looked as good as Sindy does for her age.

The world of 1963

8th April 2013

We got an email at the weekend asking us if we could keep non-facebook users informed of any new Sindy developments. Sorry, we should of course let you know here too! So here's an article we came across recently. 

Our gal was featured in a Vogue blog by Katie Hillier http://www.vogue.co.uk/blogs/katie-hillier/2013/03/sindy-turns-50


6th March 2013

Sorry for the late posting, we were sent this today and we thought we better get it online quickly just in case anyone was interested in going. Please contact The Museum of Childhood directly if you have any queries as this is all the info that we have.


3rd March 2013

Today's contribution helps to complete another early Sindy outfit, it is the 1973 variation scarf for one of Sindy's shortest mini-dresses, her 1971 to 1973 outfit 'Tangerine Dress'. Tangerine Dress (Ref 12S108)

26th February 2013

We added another beautiful Trendy Bride to our Sindy Trendy Brides exhibit today. This one is utterly beautiful xx

Alluring Auburns

20th February 2013

Gotta dash as have to go to work but here is our new Marx Sindy page. If you can help in any way to fill in the gaps or if you spot any typos etc please get in touch, it would be great to have a complete reference page for our Marx Sindy friend. Marx Sindy

14th February 2013

Happy Valentines Day! And for all of you who are in love with Patch, we are pleased to say that we have at long last completed our Mam'selle Patch outfits with a complete example of 'Tom Boy' Tomboy (Ref DR404)

Have a lovely day 

1st February 2013

Calling all Marx Sindy owners - we are just finishing a new page for the Museum on Marx Sindy but we have a few gaps. We are looking for good examples of Sindy's Marx armchair, washing machine or bathtub, also any boxed outfits (we have some but not all), any of the mailaway sets, or any other Marx Sindy items that you have. If you can help to fill the gaps please drop us a line at sindy@oursindymuseum.com

22nd January 2013

We can't believe where the time has gone and we are sorry we have not updated the Museum for a while, or even wished you all a Happy Christmas or even a prompt Happy New Year. Our current domestic circumstances give us so little time for any proper Sindying these days.

But Annie did manage to pop over to Switzerland to see BillyBoy* who wrote one of our Articles and he has generously sent us some photos of items that they spotted from his collection, which we thought you would be interested to see.

Today's update is rather nice, and it also gives us a chance to revise another of our very early descriptions. Did you know that the French version of 1963 'Lunch Date' came with a little doggie? We didn't - isn't that so chic! Lunch Date (Ref 12S04)

21st November 2012

1980 was the last year in the UK that 'Sweet Dreams' Sindy was shown in Pedigree's trade catalogue, and during the year there appears to have been production issues with this doll. Perhaps to use up boxes and outfits, the sleeping eye doll was simply replaced with an ordinary Sindy and was renamed 'Bedtime' Sindy. Isn't that interesting! Luckily she hasn't been forgotten entirely and we have now updated the Museum to show her and her little explanatory note. Sindy Sweet Dreams (Ref 44740 – international reference 44690) (Boxed doll outfit) finally packaged as Bedtime Sindy

13th October 2012

Today we are adding a lovely item to the Museum, Sindy's Garden from the 1960s which was sold as part of the Mam'selle range. The little seed packets are a real treat with their illustrations of Sindy, Paul & Patch. Sindy's Garden (Ref DR359)

Now does anyone know what the 'Gear hats' really look like?

12th October 2012

For those for you who are not facebook users, you might like to know that there have been developments on the new Sindy. The Tonner Doll Company have announced that they will be launching a Sindy in Spring 2013.

Here is a link to their announcement http://www.toynews-online.biz/news/37351/Sindy-collectors-dolls-on-the-way

Furthermore, she's going to be a Trendy! http://www.tonnerdoll.com/blog/?p=7652

We can't wait to see her!

6th October 2012 additional

Ooops forgot two - so that nine new Sindy Trendy Brides to gawp at! Sindy Trendy Brides

6th October 2012

We have added not one, not two, but seven, yes seven, Sindy Trendy Brides to the Museum. They are wonderful so feast your eyes on these beautiful brides... Sindy Trendy Brides

27th September 2012

When we were sent our latest additions to the Museum, we spotted the 'Holiday girl' variation at once, but we just couldn't work out the 'Cool customer' variation at all. We kept looking at it, thinking "What are we looking at" and then we saw it, there was the variation right in front of our eyes and we just hadn't spotted it. It's so obvious to us now, but this is where the observations of other collectors are so invaluable because other Sindy folk spot all sorts of things.

So that's two more great variations documented, hope you like them too!

Holiday girl (Ref 44339) – Boxed Fashions

Cool customer (Ref 44340) – Boxed Fashions

7th September 2012

We are so pleased with today's new exhibit. Thanks to the generosity of a fellow collector, we have been able to complete the 1980 Sindy page. Fashion Accessories (Ref 44395)

What a great set!

6th September 2012

Happy Birthday Sindy



It's Sindy's official 49th Birthday today and Our Sindy Museum's 2nd. We just can't believe where the time has gone, it has flown by.

We have had a lot of fun sharing our Sindys with you and discovering lots of new things.

We really appreciate your continuing support and enthusiasm for our favourite girl.

Thank you


Annie & Kathy xxx


2nd September 2012

We have added 1980 Sindy to the Museum today which we hope you will like. We will have to add the 'Fashions Accessories' set in due course as we don't have this and so we are having to put it together. If you have it MIB or complete please get in touch, we'd love to show it. If you notice any typos etc please let us know - we get a bit word blind after a while! 1980 Sindy

You will also see that we have reinstated the www.topdollsites.com voting link. We heard from the owner a couple of weeks ago that there had been a problem but that it was now fixed. The issue wasn't a virus but sensitive security software was picking up an anomaly hence the warning. We have had it online for about ten days now, we have been keeping an eye on it and all seems well.

13th August 2012

It's horsie day today and we've finally updated the first 'Sindy Horse' description, added a photo of the accessories and published the wonderful recollections of someone who was lucky enough to be given one of those horses. Sindy's Horse (Ref 12SA4)

12th August 2012

It's funny how one thing leads to another. Our last update was regarding the beautiful Trendys wearing variation 'Super Show Ballet' headresses and its publication sparked a whole string of emails concerning the gorgeous 'Startime' outfit and its accessories. As with 'Ballet' we think 'Startime' may have come with variation accessories because all the ones that we now show in our description are genuinely believed to be real. They are so interesting as well as being beautiful, and we are much happier with this description. Our thanks to all the collectors who re-considered this outfit and offered their views and photos. Startime (Ref 12S205)

Dare we open the discussion on 'Super Show Elizabethan'? If you have any thoughts on that one, do get in touch.

1st August 2012

Here is something to cheer you up on this gloomy August day - what a dreadful summer! Not one but two beautiful Trendy Sindys wearing the 'Super Show Ballet' headdresses. Lovely! Ballet (Ref 12SA26) (Scenesetter outfit)

30th July 2012

Here is an interesting one. Ever wondered what outfit the square-toed, moulded buckle shoes in blue came with? Well interestingly we think 1972's 'Mod Suit'. An interesting colour combination, an orange suit, aubergine tights and cobalt blue shoes. Mmm, well some outfits were wacky back then. Mod Suit (Ref 12S200)

29th July 2012

As you know, we do like improving our original descriptions and today we've updated our 1976 'McSindy' exhibit because we have been given photos of Sindy dressed in the blue tartan variation plus a photo of the kilt jacket so you can get a good idea of what it actually looks like. We would love to show the orange and navy tartan variation NRFB (Never Removed From Box) if anyone has this. McSindy (Ref 44283)

26th July 2012 - An Important Update

Please note that we have removed the voting link to www.topdollsites.com. A message, as shown below, is being displayed to some visitors who use anti-virus software when they visit the site.

Infection Details

Process:C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox...

We are not comfortable about this. We have written to the site owner to let them know and until we have received assurances that all is well with that site, we won't link to it. We do hope you understand.

26th July 2012

We've added two new photos to the Museum today and again we are grateful to the collector because they obviously very carefully considered the exhibits before taking some photos of their own.

The first photo is of the 1968 'Miss Beautiful' (aka 'Miss Sindy') dress poppers so that you can see just how varied these fastenings are. Miss Beautiful (Miss Sindy) (Ref 12GSS4) (Boxed doll outfit)

The second photo added is the blue variation of 'Sunshine Girl' which we show on our 1971 Sindy page. This outfit is shown on a beautiful blonde Centrepart and she is lovely, you can see why many collectors adore these dolls. Sunshine Girl (Ref 12GSS6) (Boxed doll outfit)

3rd July 2012

Phew it was all go yesterday - with the permission of Pedigree we thought you might like to read for yourself the Pedigree Press Release that kicked off all the articles and fingers crossed the hunt for a new partner to produce a new Sindy. It is a pdf file so let us know if you have trouble opening it.

Pedigree Press Release 2nd July 2012

2nd July 2012

Not Museum news but exciting Sindy news today, our fab girls appeared on the BBC this morning. They looked beautiful and we felt the article was just right. Well done to everyone who took part, you cheered up a very gloomy Monday morning!

 Just click on the photo to go to the BBC article.

26th June 2012

We have two more brilliant Mam'selle additions for you today.

The first we knew about but we didn't have. The yellow printed "The Beat Express" magazine to 'Gear Nightshirt' Gear Nightshirt (Ref DR352)

The second was new to us, variation cups & saucers to Patch's pretty 'Happy Returns' outfit Happy Returns (Ref DR403)

Isn't it amazing what collectors notice.

13th June 2012

Back to 1978's 'Outward Bound' as we have had a query from a collector asking if we could add more detail regarding the cord drawstring on the hoodie. We have therefore added a detailed photo of what the cord looks like.  Outward Bound (Ref 44272)

We are always happy to act on suggestions or add something to a description if we can, so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you see something you think could be improved upon.

11th June 2012

We have revised our 1978 description for 'Outward Bound' because the variation in the jeans was troubling us and we decided that we really had to nail it before we moved on - cue getting out every pair of jeans we've got and scanning every photo we could find on the internet. We are much happier with this revised description and we would be pleased to know what you think. Outward Bound (Ref 44272)

24th May 2012

With the aid of our Dutch friends we have been able to solve the 44862 boxed doll mystery. The variation that we showed you on the 18th of May is 44862. White Wedding (Ref 44298) – Super fashions

Now has anybody got the Schuco version...?

18th May 2012

OK, we have three items to bring to your attention today.

Firstly, just when we thought it was safe to walk away from 1979 we heard from a Dutch friend who had a variation to 'White Wedding' - could it be the boxed doll Ref 44862? White Wedding (Ref 44298) – Super fashions

Secondly, our 1969 Sindys have been picked up by the Retronaut website, this link should take you there. We have to say the old gal is looking good for her age. 1969 Sindy Doll outfits

Lastly, we managed to add a sidebar link to our facebook community page, see below right.  If you are not a facebook user yourself, it will enable you to see what we are posting. We are just experimenting so do tell us what you think?

17th May 2012

We've created a community page on facebook for the museum. We are pretty new at this sort of thing but let us know if there is anything in particular you want to see on it. You can find by us by searching on FB for Our Sindy Museum. We will try to add link - if we can work out how to!

Let's share that Sindy love

16th May 2012

Before we move onto the 1980s we just wanted to finish off a few bits and pieces. Today we are adding our new Sindy Trendy Brides page. Beautiful Sindy dolls in gorgeous clothes - we think it doesn't get much better than that. Sindy Trendy Brides

15th May 2012

On talking to other collectors about the 1979 Scenesetters, it soon became clear that not everyone had seen the preview image of the 1980 'Baby Sitter' scenesetter. So with the permission of Pedigree we are publishing it for your info. They certainly had at least one set for this photograph - we wonder if it is still out there somewhere?  1979 Scenesetters

10th May 2012

At long last we've published the 1979 Scenesetters. Hope you like them! 1980s... here we come...1979 Scenesetters

2nd May 2012

Today's update is another of those pleasing additions where we knew a variation existed but we didn't have it, so we are delighted to bring you an updated 1978 SIndy 'Around Town' exhibit! Around Town (Ref 44273)

1st May 2012

Ooh May Day! That does seem to have come around quickly, and it certainly doesn't feel like May here in the UK with all the rain. Today's update is one of Sindy's 1960s classics - her 'Out-and-about' shirt & felt jerkin ensemble. We have a nice variation to show you and we have taken the opportunity to again rewrite this early description to include both the English and Hong Kong versions... all of this AND two lovely new Sindy models. Such pretty dolls. Out-and-about (Ref 12S56) (aka Out & About)

30th April 2012

We have added another variation to the pretty 'Bedtime Beauty' outfit and again we have taken the opportunity to rewrite this description. Hope you like it. Bedtime Beauty (Ref 12S93)

3rd April 2012

Today's variation pleases us a lot because we knew it existed but we didn't have it. It is the variation to Sindy's 1970 'Day Dress'. We have been able to update this description and we have also updated the description to Sindy's 1974 'Fun Fashion' Sleeveless Dress. Day Dress (Ref 12S97)

2nd April 2012

We are always pleased to document outfit variations and we have some very nice ones to share with you in the run-up to Easter. Today a very pretty variation of the 1973 'Bridesmaid' outfit. Bridesmaid (Ref S209)

24th March 2012

We have added another variation to the 1964 'Springtime' blouses. We were pleased to do this as it gave us a chance to substantially revise another early description. That's eleven blouses we've tracked down, are there any more out there? Do get in touch if you have a different one.  Springtime (Ref 12S59) (aka Blouse)

20th March 2011

For today's update we are returning to 1970 Sindy to the yellow vinyl maxi-coat which we did name as 'Outdoor Girl', but because there was some doubt about this outfit, back in October 2010 we recategorised it as a 'Unknown' pending its identification or removal from the Museum. Luckily we now know that it was a Sindy outfit and what it was called and so we have completely remodelled this description and updated the photograph. Welcome back to Maxi Raincoat (Ref 12S98)

P.S. so what's 'Outdoor Girl' then?

19th March 2012

Today's update is quite interesting. It is another variation of the 1971/1972 'Midi Look' dress - this one being one of the later nylon versions. It is exactly the same as all the others but it is not elasticated. Every time we pick it up and look at it we think definitely Sindy, but there is just this small doubt in the back of our minds. We would be very pleased to know what you think. Midi Look (Midilook) (Ref 12GSS13) (Boxed doll outfit)

15th March 2012

Phew! It's all go in the Museum at the moment. Away from the glamour of Ice Cream in Brighton in 1967, we really thought we'd cracked it and found all the 1979 variations, as it turns out we hadn't.

We have a new Pyjama Party variation and in addition, we think we've got the shoes wrong on Tartan Touch as we now have a Mint in Box version to show you. So we have updated this page. 1979 Sindy

14th March 2012

Sorry for this late update today, but we just couldn't keep this to ourselves. If you have been following the Lyons Maid Sindy story and just when we thought - there is nothing more to be said about her - more information arrived. Now we have a photo of the table menu card and we know the name of the outfit because the presentation of this Sindy was reported in the "The Daily Cinema." A week ago we didn't even know she existed. Lyons Maid Sindy

13th March 2012

Remember that Lyons Maid Sindy we published last week? Well it is turning into a great story of an almost forgotten time, and to show you how glamorous it all was, we've just been given a newspaper spread of the Lyons Maid Sindy's original owner attending a drinks party at the conference. Lyons Maid Sindy

12th March 2012

Sometimes we are faced with stark and difficult choices, like tidy up the debris of your trashed Sindy collection following taking the girls' on a day out, or alternatively, look at all the photos and write about your lovely day...

No contest really. A Museum for a day 2012

9th March 2012

Sometimes extraordinary things happen on the back of very ordinary things, like the day we got a simple email saying "Was there ever a Lyons Maid competition for a Sindy?" Well, we didn't have any idea that as a result we'd end up learning about the cinema industry, the ice cream connection, and seeing a wonderful new Sindy doll. We have also made some lovely new friends along the way and we got some great help from the cinema industry itself (who were almost as excited by her as we were!) So here she is and ready for her close-up. Lyons Maid Sindy

7th March 2012

This Sunday 11th March 2012, we will be attending the annual Alresford Toy Museum for a Day event. Please understand it isn't anything grand and we don't bring rare or fragile Sindy things that could get broken or lost. But, if you are in the area and you fancy a Sindy chat or if you like seeing vintage toys and talking to other collectors, it might make a nice day out. If you want to know more about the event itself have a look at our report from last year  A Museum for a day 2011 or the Toy Museum for a Day website Toy Museum for a Day

Toy Museum for a Day
Sunday 11th March 2012
Alresford, Hants SO24 9AG
10.30am - 4.30pm
Adults £3.00 child £1.50 Family (2+2) £8.00
light refreshments

2nd March 2012

OK, our old, new 1979 Sindy page got damaged (no we don't understand it either), so we have had to redo it from scratch. Here is our new, new 1979 Sindy page. Please let us know if you spot anything amiss, We still don't know if it will work with IE9 because we don't have that but fingers crossed! 1979 Sindy

P.S. We understand it does!

1st March 2012

Just to say we have had suspend our 1979 Sindy page so the technicians can take a look at the Internet Explorer 9 issue, we hope to put it back online very shortly.

29th February 2012

Today's donation is very appropriate for Leap Day - it's another Sindy Jack in the Box and what is good about this one is it has a Patent Pending sticker which allows us to date the toy itself - although we still can't be definite about the Sindy version. Sindy Jack in the Box

28th February 2012

Sometimes it is all about the detail. We have a fab variation for you today. The simple 1978 Mix n Match T-shirt - well there couldn't possibly be another variation to that, but hold on, this one has orange stitching. Ref 44188 – international reference 44178

26th February 2012

Thank you for all your kind comments about Sindy 1979.

However we understand that a couple of you are experiencing a few problems viewing the page. The issue seems to relate to the use of Internet Explorer v9. Our technical support people have confirmed that they have checked the website in Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer v10, and they all appear to be working normally. The issue with viewing in IE9 has been reported and hopefully it will be fixed shortly, but you might want to try another browser in the meantime.

24th February 2012

It is almost six months to the day since we published 1978 Sindy. Where has the time gone? We know that some of you have been waiting impatiently for 1979. Sorry it took so long, it turned out to be really complicated! Obviously if you see anything you disagree with or if you have any more information to add, do get in touch. But here it is, we sincerely hope you like 1979! 1979 Sindy

20th February 2012

It is amazing what is still out there. Today's new exhibit is one of the 3rd edition Junes together with her original posting box. A plain brown cardboard box perhaps, but it is almost 36 years old and most of these must have ended up in the bin. Anyone got a 1st or 2nd edition box? June 1975

19th February 2012

Those of you who have followed the Museum from the beginning will know that we strongly believe that everyone has something they can add to the sum of Sindy knowledge and today's contribution is exactly what we mean. Another interesting variation and some wonderful observations which might help to explain the mystery of the 1974-75 'Wavy Navy' variations. Wavy Navy (Ref S215)

28th January 2012

We can't believe where the time has gone since our last update! But, we are still here and still working on 1979 when we can, it's just that real life keeps getting in the way and we really need more hours in a day to do everything we want to.

However to keep us all going we are adding two more variations to the Museum today:

5th December 2011

It is strange how things come together sometimes. We'd been reading the early Sindy Fan Club letters and we realised that Mitzi and Betsy, Sindy's 1960s friends, were launched earlier than we had previously thought. We were also given a stunning photo of the Mitzi variation outfit and so we decided to redraft this page, change the timeline in the descriptions and add Mitzi's & Betsy's backgrounds. It also gave us the opportunity to provide some photos of Mitzi's box. Do have a look at the new Mitzi, she's beautiful - in fact they all are. 1967-68 Sindy's new friends

30th November 2011

We have updated 1977's 'Royal Occasion Sindy' because we are now able to show you the variation outfit which we knew existed but which we didn't have at the time. The photos take a little while to load because they are new - but they are such pretty outfits. Royal Occasion Sindy (Ref 44660 - international reference 44659) (Boxed doll outfit)

23rd October 2011

Today we are returning to 1964 Sindy because we have been given the pink flower variation of 'Bridesmaid' to show you. There were two things that struck us about redoing this outfit description. Firstly, how much care and thought went into these photos to display the detail of this outfit, and secondly how much we ourselves have moved on in writing for the Museum - we have substantially rewritten this description and we are really pleased with how this looks. Hope you like it too! Bridesmaid (Ref 12S09)

8th October 2011

At long last we've managed to get the 1978 Scenesetters online. We hope you like the new page. 1978 Scenesetters

22nd September 2011

We are very pleased with today's donation, it is a photo of the Mam'selle Sindy 'The Beat Express' magazine which accompanied 'Gear Nightshirt', so that's another outfit completed. Gear Nightshirt (Ref DR352)

21st September 2011

The days are just flying by and we are conscious that we have a number of updates to do to existing exhibits, so today we are returning to the early 70s to add two more variations. These are quite subtle variations but we do like to record everything:

  • The first update relates to 1971's 'Disco Party' outfit where we have found a slightly different and, we think, later fabric. Disco Party (Ref 12S38)
  • The second relates to the lace trim on Sindy's first bridal gown, 1974's  'Bride'. Bride (Ref S213)
13th September 2011

Today's update really pleases us because sometimes it is the simplest observation which leads to a new discovery (with apologies to those of you who already knew this). We got an email from a Dutch collector about the 1978 'Funtime' dress asking if we'd like to show the one with the belt? "But it doesn't have a belt" we thought, so we checked all our dresses again - no belt and no sign of anything which might indicate that our dresses ever had a belt. So we looked into this further, most examples on the internet were like ours, but on the Petra website (www.petradolls.co.uk) there was a version with the belt. Well we don't know how many times we've looked at this website but we had never spotted that before. So then we checked with a couple of our Dutch Sindy collecting friends who confirmed that they thought it normally came with a belt! Ah hah - the international version perhaps? So, with thanks to Annet, Marjoke & Patricia (who kicked this off in the first place) we have updated the 1978 'Funtime Sindy' description. Funtime Sindy (Ref 44682 – international reference 44692) (Boxed doll outfit)

6th September 2011

We launched Our Sindy Museum at 6pm on Monday 6th September 2010 to mark Sindy's official 47th Birthday and this last year has just flown by. Personally, whilst we have had some highs and lows, the interest and appreciation from everyone just kept growing and wow what a year it has turned out to be! We have seen rare, almost mythical, outfits, discovered all sorts of things about Sindy, her history, the dolls, her clothes and scenesetters, and we have charted the changing fashions and social history of the times she lived in as we added each new year.

Oh, and we and many of our Sindy friends, both old and new, have become total anoraks, looking at labels, stitching, fastenings and fabrics, considering and investigating Sindy theories, checking collections for items that we didn't have, and providing a second opinion when we were not sure.

Importantly, through the Museum we have met many lovely people. Some were original Sindy owners who had Sindy as a child and who wrote to tell us what they remembered and to share their own happy memories. We have also met many current collectors who share our collecting hobby and who understand what we are trying to achieve. The generosity and support of family, friends and strangers has been both wonderful and humbling.

We would also like to thank everyone who voted for us over the last year on the Top Doll Sites rankings, we are so proud to be number 1 just as we turn 1 year old, and whilst it may not last, it is still a lovely 1st birthday present for our website and something we will always treasure.

So Happy 48th Birthday Sindy and our grateful thanks to everyone who came to visit us over this past year. We hope our endeavours will continue to bring you as much pleasure as we have had in creating Our Sindy Museum.

Thank you

Annie & Kathy

4th September 2011

We are very pleased with today's donation as we suspected that the 'Sweet Dreams'/'Good Morning' nightie & dressing gown outfit may have had more than one lace trim, but we couldn't prove it. But now we can with this lovely contribution. Shown on a very pretty auburn Sindy, here is a variation. We like this photo so much, we have updated our 1978 Sindy page to show detail of the different lace trims and we have also updated our 'Good Morning' description and the Museum Gallery to show the new photo. 1978 Sindy

30th August 2011

1978 Sindy has proved to be very popular and we have been getting lots of additional information which will help us to improve this page. Today we have updated:

  • 'Around Town' because we had completely forgotten about the black tassel shoes that have been found with this outfit and so we have added that now. You will see that we are also seeking verification about the brown tassel shoes and also the variation scarf, so if you have this outfit MIP, we'd welcome hearing from you. Around Town (Ref 44273)
  • We have a photo of the MIP variation of 'High Society' which is much nicer than the two flat dresses side by side so we have substituted this photo instead. High Society (Ref 44269)
26th August 2011

At long last we have been able to get 1978 online. It's been a bit of a slog but we are there (we think!). 

On this occasion we would like to thank a number of Sindy collectors who so generously and patiently checked their own collections and considered our endless theories. Their observations and opinions were very valuable and we hope that we have faithfully reflected everything they said. So to Elaine, Jacquie, Julia, Linda, Penelope, Robynne, Starla & Tracey, thanks girls you were brilliant!

So here is 1978 Sindy - enjoy! 1978 Sindy

Suppose we better get on with the Scenesetters then...

7th August 2011

Following on from our previous "What's new", we have received a lovely article with many photos from a Sindy collector who has visited Johnny's exhibition. Johnny is delighted that someone has taken the trouble to write an article and has given us his blessing to publish it. We are very happy to do so. Thanks again Johnny for such a spectacular exhibition and thank you too Laurie. Haslemere Museum 2011

22nd July 2011


Whilst not strictly Museum business, today's update is Sindy related. If you live in the South East or you are visiting the area, you might like to think about visiting Haslemere Educational Museum where Johnny Clarke of sindyourpedigreegirlofthe60s fame is currently exhibiting some of his collection for the school summer holidays. The exhibition runs until the 27th of August.

The dolls and the exhibits look stunning and he has put a lot of effort into the show. The link below will hopefully take you to the Haslemere Museum website where more information is available both on the museum and the exhibition.

 Johnny's Sindy exhibition

Actually, it's been quite a busy time for Mr Clarke as he also got married yesterday. Congratulations to you Johnny for hosting such a great Sindy display, and also to you and Chris - we wish you all the best xx.

30th June 2011

A bit like buses, you wait ages for a new page and the two come along together. We have a very interesting new article for you today which is the employee prospectus used in the late 1970s by Pedigree in Canterbury. It is a lovely piece of memorabilia. Pedigree circa 1976

29th June 2011

We have now published the 1977 Scenesetters, including the beautiful stable that was made in the Netherlands. Hope you like the new page!  1977 Scenesetters

15th June 2011

We were just musing last night that it has been some time since we've done a straightforward update to the Museum exhibits, but we have two great ones for you today.

Firstly we return yet again to the Mam'selle range of outfits, this time to Paul's because we now have an MIB (Mint In Box) version of 'Group Gear' to show you. And, at long last we can show his green guitar. Did you know it even came with a plectrum? Group Gear (Ref DR475)

Secondly, we have another very interesting possible variation, this time for Sindy's 1976 outfit 'Mandarin' which is really nice. Mandarin (Ref 44529)

As always our grateful thanks goes to the kind people who donated them and for the effort made on all our behalf.

1st June 2011

We have a really interesting article for you today written by a renowned artist and fashion doll historian. Whilst most doll collectors will know BillyBoy* from his books on Barbie and Bleuette, what is perhaps less well known about his doll collecting is his fondness for our own Sindy, so we were delighted when he offered to write for Our Sindy Museum. It is full of information on the doll industry and it is very humorous. We do hope you enjoy it. An article by BillyBoy*

17th May 2011

We are very pleased with today's contribution, not least because we wondered if any of them still existed. Luckily it seems they do and some are still mint. Here is the child's Sindy T-shirt that came with the 1977 'Mix n Match Fashions' offer. 1977 Mix n Match Fashions

11th May 2011

Thank you for all your kind words and comments regarding 1977 Sindy. We are glad you like it. As you will have seen the Museum Gallery has now been updated and we are just working on the scenesetters which we hope to publish shortly.

Now, we know many of you like the variations and we have a brilliant one for you today. 1971's Midi Winter with brown fur. We had heard the 1971 'fur' trimmed outfits could be found with different coloured fur but we had not seen one ourselves. We are so pleased to be able to finally show you one. Midi Winter (Midiwinter) (Ref 12S46)

7th May 2011

We have just published 1977 Sindy.

It is a little later in the day than we had hoped but we had a few technical problems. Please let us know if you spot any glitches, typos or anything that seems wrong. We think everything has been restored correctly following a page meltdown but we might have missed something.

The Museum Gallery will be updated shortly and the 1977 Scenesetters will be added soon.

 We hope you enjoy it. 1977 Sindy

6th May 2011

We have a new addition to our Mary Poppins Sindy page - a photo of a beautiful brunette in a much simpler outfit. These dolls are so hard to write about because there is so little information on them, but our latest contribution and the information provided really helps with this particular page. So we have re-arranged it and added some more information which we hope you will enjoy and find interesting.  Mary Poppins Sindy

14th April 2011

Today we are able to complete another hard to find outfit. The glorious 1972 Startime outfit with all of its beautiful accessories. We had the headband and shoulder bag and we always hoped one day to add the necklace. Well today's the day. It is a truly lovely outfit. Startime (Ref 12S205)

12th April 2011

Another new addition for the Sindy 1971 page. We recently acquired another early Gauntlet Sindy from an original collection, and interestingly she was wearing her 'Jodhpurs & Sweater' but this top was made of a cotton knit instead of the nylon. We have therefore revised this description and added some new photos. That is one the advantages of the Museum, we can always amend a display when we find out something new. Jodhpurs & Sweater (Ref 12S101)

10th April 2011

We have added two new additions to the Museum today.

The first is a possible variation of the Lovely Lively 1973 jumpsuit S605 which in 1974 was named as 'Fun Flares'. We were quite surprised when this version arrived because it is smaller than the nylon top version and we would be interested to know what other collectors of think about this. Lovely Lively Sindy (aka Fun Flares) (Ref S605) (Boxed doll outfit)

Secondly, some of you may have seen the Questions & Answers for the 'Belle of the Ball' listing in ebay. The generous seller did indeed send a lovely photo of the white stole to the Museum to add to our existing description of this outfit. So that's great, we've managed to add another missing item for everyone's future reference. Belle of the Ball (Ref 12S33)

6th April 2011

Sometimes you just don't see what is under your very nose until you compare one collection to another. Annie is not a Paul collector, but like all collectors you sometimes end up with other things to get the bits that you actually wanted. In dressing Paul for the "Museum for a Day", Kathy spotted that Annie's "Made in England" 'Motorway Man' had quite different boots...  Motorway Man (Ref 13M04)

29th March 2011

We have two updates for the Museum today, with two great detailed photos.

The first is the variation shoulder bag to 1971 'Shiny Shopper' with the red painted popper instead of the white one. Shiny Shopper (Ref 12S39)

The second is in answer to a request for a detailed picture of the 1975 'Paris in Spring' belt which we have now added. As you will see our buckle is silver coloured, does anyone know if it also came in gold?  Paris in Spring (Ref 44230)
25th March 2011

A message from Annie

Following Kathy's sad loss, we are going to take things easy for a while. We know that many of you are looking forward to seeing the rest of the Pedigree years and we promise you that we will do them as soon as we can. We hope you will continue to support us and help us with what we are trying to achieve.

We will try to add new things to the shop regularly, and we can do updates to the existing pages relatively quickly. So please continue to fill in the gaps where you can and share your lovely Sindy things with everyone, do send us any photos or articles you may have.

Kathy has also asked to me thank everyone who has written to her personally and/or sent condolences through the Museum, she will try to reply to everyone but she is worried she may forget someone.

Today we are adding two new photos to our Mam'selle exhibits. A beautiful photo of a boxed 'Land of Nod' for Patch and a gorgeous variation of Sindy's 'Pop Posy'. We hope you like them as much we do.

'Land of Nod' Land of Nod (Ref DR400)

'Pop Posy' Pop Posy (Ref DR357)

22nd March 2011

Today's update is a new article that we have written to tell you about the toy museum for a day which we attended on Sunday. It was just a local event, quite low-key, but we did enjoy ourselves and we thought you might be interested.

We are thinking of branching out into Sindy displays for weddings & bar mitzvahs!

A Museum for a day 2011

19th March 2011

Today's updates concerns two of the 1976 accessory sets:

We have swapped the 'Globe Trotter' photo to now show one with the airline tickets and money (we knew we had put them somewhere safe - we just couldn't remember where!). Globe Trotter (Ref 44402) (aka Travel Accessories)

We are pleased to now be able to show you the 'Relax-in evening' set which we didn't have. Relax-in evening (Ref 44404) (aka Lounge Accessories or Relax in Evening)

17th March 2011

Today's addition is to answer to a request to show both the "Made in England" and "Made in Hong Kong" versions of Paul's 'Motorway Man' outfits. To be honest we don't know why we didn't include all of them in the first place - so we were grateful for this suggestion. Motorway Man (Ref 13M04)

16th March 2011

Now here is a strange coincidence, literally within days of each other we received two separate and independent emails with photos of the wedge shaped box for Sindy's original 'Bed'. When we first received them, we were quite worried that we might insult either contributor if we could not include their own photos. However, every collector provides a different perspective on Sindy collecting and and in fact the donations compliment each other beautifully, and provide a further insight into this lovely set. We have again rewritten the 1966 'Bed' description and we are delighted to be able to show you this rare and beautiful box. Sindy's Bed (Ref 12SA3)

15th March 2011

Back to 1976 Sindy today because we now have the suedette 'Feeling Frosty' coat and shoulder bag variation to show you. Feeling Frosty (Ref 44284)

14th March 2011

Today's contribution is the music book that accompanied Sindy's 1969 'Bell Chime Piano'. We were very pleased to receive this item because it not only completes another gap in the Museum, but it also answered one of those outstanding questions we had in our own minds, which was "What were Sindy's favourite songs?".

We thought maybe "Living Doll" or "These Boots Are Made For Walking", turned out the old gal liked the nursery rhyme classics! Bell Chime Piano (Ref 12SA17)

13th March 2011

We have opened a brand new section of the Museum today. It is for articles and information that visitors might find useful and/or interesting. We'd really like to open up this section to all Sindy folk so that we can capture as much as we can about our favourite girl all in one place, before it gets lost or forgotten. So, if you could do "Mastermind" on Sindy's shoes & handbags, or have made a special study of the 80s fashions, or just have interesting tale to tell connected to Sindy - do get in touch. We can always help you to write it down.

Today's contribution needed no help from us - it is a fascinating article on the 1974 Kellogg's competition booty. Just the thing for a damp Sunday. We are dedicating this article to all the collectors who go out at the crack of dawn on Sunday mornings with high hopes of Sindy treasures and who come home empty-handed (or in Annie's case with another Sindy horse). 74 Kellogg's Competition

11th March 2011

We have a new addition to the 1976 Sindy outfits page - a muff for the 'Feeling Frosty' outfit. As you will read the owner is unsure whether it was an extra item or a substitute for the hat. If you know the answer, do get in touch. It is a very nice item.  Feeling Frosty (Ref 44284)

10th March 2011

It is funny what you miss sometimes, especially when you are trying so hard to get the detail just right. We managed to get a lovely example of the later 1976 'Sideboard' but in taking the photos it looked different. So we get out the earlier 1972 example and that's when we realise that the later version has less gold, or maybe more correctly, bronze paint on it. So we go back and check the trade catalogues, yes later version is slightly simpler. Well that got us thinking about the 'Dining Table' so out come all the 'Dining Tables' and we recheck all the catalogues and actually there is a difference – the later versions are not quite so ornate as they have slightly less gold/bronze paint decoration. We have added a picture of the 1976 'Sideboard' and some new comparison photos for you to see.

Better get on, we need to sew new badges “Gold/Bronze Paint Spotter” onto our anoraks, though we did lose our “Putting Sindy Stuff Away” badges in the process. 1976 Scenesetters

8th March 2011

Today's donation takes us back to 1968 and is over forty years old. Sometimes you do have to wonder how some of these things have survived? We now have a lovely MIB (Mint In Box) example of 'Washday' to show you - this version has the Lux soap that we didn't have. We think the ones with the soap are rarer because many of them must have been opened and used. Sindy's Washday Set (Ref 12SA8)

7th March 2011

Having concentrated all our efforts on getting 1976 Sindy and the Scenesetters online, we have quite a few donations backing-up which we will now attend to. It is difficult to know where to begin as they are all so great, but we have decided to return to Patch first because we know that so many of you love her. We have a lovely original advert featuring Patch in her 'Babydoll' outfit and a new 'Babydoll' variation. We have therefore substantially revised our 1970 Patch page – hope you like it! 1970 Patch

6th March 2011

Our Sindy Museum has now been open for six months, we made many new friends and we have had a wonderful time writing about Sindy. Thank you for your all contributions, comments and support, we couldn't have done it without you.

Today we are adding the 1976 Scenesetters. Even if you do not collect the scenesetters yourself, do have a browse. They are always nice to look at because whilst we are always saying how Sindy's outfits followed the latest fashions, in many ways Sindy's scenesetters reflected the social history of the time. If you like, Sindys outfits were what we wanted to wear and Sindy's scenesetters were how we wanted to live. In 1976 the world had just about recovered from the recession caused by the oil shock crisis and the desire was for bright, beautiful and colourful homes and furnishings. Sindy's new scenesetters were all of these. 1976 Scenesetters

1st March 2011

We are pleased to open our newest page - 1976 Sindy. We hope you like it. 1976 Sindy

28th February 2011

We are delighted with today's update. We finally have a Paul wearing the Mam'selle 'String Set'. All he needs is socks and sandals to complete a great “look”. We do wonder what Sindy would have thought of Paul in his string underwear and carrying a car magazine – would she have been impressed? String Set (Ref DR450)

25th February 2011

We are returning to the Mam'selle 'Sindy's Salon' display today because we have more information as to the origins of this set. We've added some more photos and we've rewritten this section again. Sindy's Salon (Ref DR356)

22nd February 2011

As you probably know, one of our exhibit rules is we only show the “real thing”. Occasionally this does mean we are not able to show you anything at all. This was the case with the Mam'selle outfit 'All Aboard' and the accessory set 'Sindy's Salon'. We had seen them, but we didn't have them.

So today we are delighted to be able to bring you both of these. Two lovely new exhibits for the Sindy Mam'selle page with substantially updated descriptions. Sindy Mam'selle Outfits

16th February 2011

We've started work on 1976. It is going pretty well but we do have a problem. We are certain that the shoes changed this year despite what was shown in the Pedigree literature. We know this because we have some 1976 outfits NRFB (Never Removed From Box) and MIP (Mint In Packet) and the shoes are different. Regretfully we don't have them all. Can you help us? If you do have a 1976 NRFB or MIP outfit would you be so kind as to check the shoes and email us to tell us what they are? Our email address is sindy@oursindymuseum.com

Apart from that plea for help, we do have a new exhibit for you today and it's back to 1975 Sindy because we have added a nice variation to 'Window Shopper'. Window Shopper (Ref 44252)

11th February 2011

You do wonder sometimes how any Sindy items have survived at all given their age and the fact that they were toys. This is particularly true of the accessories such as belts & ribbons, or outfits & underwear made of delicate material. We received an email from a collector telling us that they thought they had a variation to 1969s 'Flower Frillies'. Now 'Flower Frillies' are little more than scraps of flowery nylon and we thought we had done pretty well to show you two variations. By the time we had worked through 'Flower Frillies' again with the help of this collector, we had ended up with five variations and a complete rewrite of this section. We are really quite pleased with what we have now, it feels like a much more complete description of these pretty undies, and we also get to show you two new lovely Vicki dolls and even they are different! Hope you like it. Flower Frillies (Ref 12S92)

5th February 2011

We have just published the 1975 Scenesetters page. Sorry we are so late today, this page took ages to edit and format. We will add the photos to the Museum Gallery shortly.  1975 Scenesetters

4th February 2011

You will have noticed that we have re-organised the top navigation bar again. We thought that it was becoming very crowded and we need more room to add new pages. We have followed the same format as before so hopefully it is not too confusing for you.

We were also sent the last June collecting card yesterday, which is great because we have the full set now and so we have been able to update our 1975 June exhibit. June 1975

Hopefully, we will be able to publish the 1975 Scenesetters tomorrow. We had to order a bigger background to cope with the new Sindy home - it's arrived and we need to set it up and re-take the photos. We have our fingers-crossed that it is big enough!

3rd February 2011

One of the nicest things that we have noticed about the donations that we receive is the obvious care and attention to detail that our fellow collectors have considered when taking photos. Whether it is ensuring a handbag or a belt is correctly positioned to close-up photos of necklace clasps, lace cuffs or headbands, you can see the thought that has gone into the photos so that those of us who don't have the item can really see what something looks like. Today is no exception, we are returning to 1975 Sindy because we have got some lovely contributions.

We have:

  • three new photos of 'Marguerite', one of the green outfit on a Sindy and the others MIP (Mint In Packet) including a cracking close-up photo of the scarf;
  • a photo of two different cravats which have been found with 'Window Shopper';
  • two lovely variations of 'Polka Polka', and;
  • a photo of 'Shirt' and 'Baggies' for the Museum Gallery, artfully posed so you can see the top of the trousers.

As a matter of interest the MIP 'Baggies' we added to the Museum the other day generated a huge amount of interest. It would appear that we were not the only ones struggling to correctly identify them. We know that as a result of that photo, three collectors were able to correctly identify them and add them to their collections. We went through our bags of unknown extra stuff too, but we weren't quite so lucky.

1975 Sindy

2nd February 2011

Well you live and learn, who would have thought there would be quite so many different Junes?  June 1975

1st February 2011

When we were preparing for 1975 Sindy we had an eleventh hour crisis of confidence regarding 'Baggies'. The only reference picture we could find was in the 1975 style leaflet but photo was quite indistinct and the top of the trousers was obscured by the sweater that the Sindy was wearing. Also whilst the trade catalogue showed a possible shop display which included the MIP (Mint In Packet) 'Baggies', it was too small for us to correctly identify the trousers in our collections. In asking around, it turned out that some other collectors had a similarly difficulty because they too had never seen a detailed picture of them either. It was one of those things, if you didn't have it MIP, it was difficult to know what to look for. Luckily there are still some MIP 'Baggies' around and we have been sent one for the Museum, so we are now able to put this right. We still need a 'Shirt' and 'Baggies' for the Gallery if anyone can help, but at least we can now confidently show what these trousers actually looked like. Baggies (Ref 44141)

31st January 2011

Thank you for all your comments about 1975 Sindy, we are so glad you like it. You will have spotted that we have now opened up the 1975 Museum Gallery, and we are busy sorting out the Junes (we had no idea there were so many until we started looking at them closely), and taking the last of the 1975 Scenesetter photos.

We have decided to show you something completely different today - we know we are getting ahead of ourselves with this one because this is from 1977, but we laughed out loud when we got this and we've been desperate to show to you ever since. It is another Sindy dressed as a Christmas fairy and she's lovely!  Christmas Fairy Sindys

30th January 2011

Well, we got there in the end and we have now published 1975 Sindy. We know that for some this year will bring back happy memories of what we wore as teenagers, or at least what we would have worn if our parents had let us!

Very many thanks to all those collectors who patiently answered all our questions over the past few weeks and even late into last night – bless you, we couldn't have completed this year without you.

We will try to add the Gallery, June and the new scenesetters over the next few days.

So, welcome to 1975 with three new boxed doll outfits and twenty-four new outfits (and variations) to feast your eyes on. 1975 Sindy

26th January 2011

We have been very touched by all the kind messages you have sent us. Thank you.

We are working flat out on 1975 whenever we can and we are nearly there. Whilst you are waiting, here is an extraordinary Sindy artefact – it's 'Casual Day' but not as we know it! Casual Day (aka Casual Days) (Ref S227)

24th January 2011

We are sorry that we are not updating the Museum or the Shop as quickly as we would like. We are busy trying to complete 1975, but we are having to juggle that task with family illness and all of its associated commitments, so please bear with us.

We are also still working on the white top puzzle for 'Ship Ahoy' and we would still be pleased to hear from anyone else who has a 'Ship Ahoy' or the Skinny Legged Walker top.

In the meantime, we do have a lovely new donation to share with you today of two variations of the 1972 Trendy 'Day Girl' dress. Day Girl (Ref 12GSS18) (Boxed doll outfit)

12th January 2011
Help needed!

We are publishing a lovely photo of the red 'Ship Ahoy' outfit on a Sindy today but we really need other collector's help because we have a problem with this white top. We have found that these tops are roughly the same but different. This includes sizes, the fastenings, and the sleeves. If you have this outfit and you are reasonably sure yours is original, please would you be so kind as to take a few minutes to check yours and to contact the Museum and tell us what you have. We will record what everyone tells us so that we can see if there is anything in common with the tops.

We would also like to hear from 1973 skinny legged walker owners as to what top they have with their outfit, again if they are reasonably sure their outfit is original - please also tell us which outfit you have, all-sorts or stripey trousers.

We would like to know:
1.How does your top fasten?
2.Does it have arm sleeve seams i.e. are the sleeves sewn on?
3.How are the ends of the sleeves finished e.g. elasticated, cuffs or straight?

Please use our “Contact the Museum” page or email us at sindy@oursindymuseum.com Thank you.

Lovely Lively Sindy 'Ship Ahoy' (Ref S606) (Boxed doll outfit)
11th January 2011

Today we return to 1968.

Firstly, we wanted to add a photo of two variations of Patch's 'Casual Shift' dress. Casual Shift (Ref 9P62)

Secondly, for consistency we decided to also add the additional outfit that came with 'Sindy's Wardrobe Trunk' to her 1968 Outfits and Separates as we have done with the 1970s Scenesetters which came additional outfits. Sindy's Wardrobe Trunk (Ref 12SA14) (Scenesetter outfit)

9th January 2011

We have two lovely 'Midi Look' variations for you to see, we wonder if that's all of them now or whether there are still others?  Midi Look (Midilook) (Ref 12GSS13) (Boxed doll outfit)

8th January 2011

Back to 1974 Sindy because we have substantially revised the 'Summer Party' description as we are now able to show you another variation. Summer Party (Ref S128)

7th January 2011

Today we return to 1973 Sindy because we now have a sweet little 'Funtime' Sindy wearing the variation outfit and we also have a pretty Trendy wearing the 1973 'Fun Fashion' sleeveless dress.1973 Sindy

6th January 2011

We have had some lovely donations this week and we are trying to group them altogether into logical updates. Today we return again to 1974 Sindy to show you the 'Sleep Tight' variation that we didn't have but had described, a photo of 'Party Date' on a Sindy, a fab colour variation of 'Casual Day' that we didn't even know existed, and a photo of 'Bell Sleeves' on a Sindy - or rather two Sindys - because it turns out there is a variation of this dress too! 1974 Sindy

5th January 2011

Today we are adding a photo of the missing outfit from 1974 which was 'Summer Party'. Summer Party (Ref S128)

4th January 2011

We have added the 1974 Scenesetters page today which gave us another chance to photograph the horse which pleased Annie enormously because it is her favourite. 1974 Scenesetters

Also, because 'Sindy's Horse' came with an additional outfit we have also updated 1974 Sindy to show it.  Sindy's Horse (S507) (Sindy's Horse and Jodhpurs) (Scenesetter outfit)

3rd January 2011

Just to say we have now updated the Museum Gallery with the 1974 dressed Sindys. It took a very long time because the 1970s gallery is quite big now. We will probably open up a new Gallery for the rest of the 1970s for ease of use. Museum Gallery

2nd January 2011

Thank you for all the emails, guestbook comments and phone calls we have received about our new 1974 Sindy page, we really do appreciate them.

This morning we received a lovely donation of the red and silver variation of 'Check Mate', so we have updated the page to show this beautiful outfit straightaway. Check Mate (Ref S218) 

1st January 2011

Happy New Year!

And, for the new year we have added a new year to the Museum - 1974. This year turned out to be quite tough and as you will read we still have queries about various outfits. If you can help at all please do get in touch. Just as we wondered why some Sindy Scenesetters appeared to be made by Louis Marx Inc., this year we had to investigate the mystery of the Mego labels, which turned out to be just as interesting – oh dear, we really are a couple of old Sindy “anoraks”. New Year's resolution – we really must get out more! We will update the gallery and add the 1974 Scenesetters over the next few days. 1974 Sindy

Finally, to all our Sindy collecting friends and to our Museum visitors, we wish you a peaceful and prosperous 2011.

25th December 2010
Merry Sindy Christmas!
Thank you all for your support since the launch, special thanks to all who have contributed to the site to make it one of the most informative sites about Sindy on the web, we could not have done it without you.
We promise to be back in the New Year with more surprises and even more stunning dolls and outfits.
Lots of Sindy Love
From Kathy & Annie xxxx
23rd December 2010
We are still busy sorting out 1974 and we have come across some interesting information that we are now researching. Unfortunately we also having to do this alongside juggling our family commitments and so it is taking a little longer than we first thought. Meanwhile the Museum shop is being updated with lots of new & reduced goodies, so why not take a peak.
7th December 2010

We have added a couple more photos to 1973 Sindy today. An NFRB 'Checker Decker' so that you can see the shoes that came with the outfit and we have also found a third variation of 'Zing a Ding' which we have now included. 1973 Sindy

3rd December 2010

We have had a lovely donation of some 1973 Sindy items and here is the first batch. A beautiful 'Top Pop' doll in the abstract variation outfit, the variation of 'Cosy Coat' with the very hard to find matching shoulder bag, and the 1973 Fun Fashion sleeveless dress. 1973 Sindy

We have also been able to update 'Sunday Best' on the Paul Mam'selle page thanks to that helpful seller on ebay who is selling the untouched boxed version. Sunday Date (Ref DR476)

2nd December 2010

We have a very nice donation from Canada to show you today. Here is the Johnny West playset which included the buggy and horse! 1973 Scenesetters

30th November 2010

Today we are adding the 1973 Scenesetters page. Sindy's new horse and her buggy which were actually Johnny West toys repackaged for Sindy, but the horse was a fine beast and the buggy was fun - so we're not complaining! 1973 Scenesetters

28th November 2010

Two updates for you today:

Firstly, we have added both the 1973 Junes to the June page and her collecting card. She sure is an improvement on the 1972 version, and with her bright red lipstick and fashionable haircuts we think she is much more glamorous. June 1973

Secondly, a kind collector has confirmed that the 1973 Bridesmaid came with white Trendy shoes and noted it came with a pearl necklace. LOL we were concentrating so hard to get the headband to look right that we completely forgot it. We have changed the photo to include the right shoes and the necklace - which we were pleased to do because we really didn't like the headband in our original photo as it looked a bit like a French maid's head dress to us. We have also updated the description and included an inset photo so you can see the detail of both the headband and necklace. Bridesmaid (Ref S209)

Both the Sindy 1970s gallery and the Sindy's Friends gallery have also been updated.

27th November 2010

Just to confirm the Museum Gallery has now been updated and includes all the 1973 Sindy outfits and separates. Museum Gallery

26th November 2010

We are delighted to publish the 1973 Sindy Outfits and Separates page today. We will add these photos to the Museum Gallery and publish the rest of 1973 over the next few days. Thanks again to all those collectors who helped us with this year. 1973 Sindy

24th November 2010

We have opened up a new gallery devoted to the beautiful and rare Sindy four-poster bed. A wonderful piece which we hope you will enjoy looking at as much as we did when creating this page. Sindy's Four-Poster Bed

21st November 2010

We have a new donation for you to see today, a photo of all three known variations of Sindy's pretty 1972 'Blazer'. Just the thing to brighten up a gloomy November day. Blazer (Ref 12S119)

16th November 2010

One of the joys of Sindy collecting is that there is always so much to learn. In building this website we have learnt so much and today's offering we hope will add something new to your Sindy knowledge also. When we started to write about the 1972 Scenesetters, it really bugged us as to why some of this year's scenesetters were embossed with Marx & Co Inc. logos, it also troubled us as to why Colette Mansell showed the "Little Hostess Sideboard" on page 100 in "The History of Sindy", what did that have to do with Pedigree Sindy? Then when you look into the history of the company and what was happening at the time, it really does begin to make sense. 1972 Scenesetters

We have now also added a new Museum Gallery for 1970s Scenesetters as a quick reference guide. Museum Gallery

15th November 2010

You might have noticed that over the weekend we have been re-arranging the Museum. We had to do this because we need to make room for the 1970s. The website is still very much a work in progress and we will have to do this from time to time so that it continues to make sense and so that it is easy for visitors to find their way around.

We added a new page at the weekend for Sindy's 1960s friends so that we could complete their story. There is a new page for 1969, it simply documents the absence of Mitzi and Betsy from the 1969 Pedigree literature, but it did give us the opportunity to include a rather sweet photo story from the back of one of the 1969 Scenesetters. 1969 Sindy's friends

We have also added a new page today were we will show Sindy's early 1970s friend June, starting with the 1972 version. June

13th November 2010

Thank you to those of you who contacted us to say how much you liked 1972, we really did appreciate it. Today we are adding another 1972 page, this time for Patch. There is a tinge of sadness about this one because 1972 is the last time that we see her. Good bye Patch. 1972 Patch

12th November 2010

We are delighted to open our 1972 Sindy Outfits and Separates gallery. As usual we must thank all those collectors who so generously gave their time to answer our questions or contributed exhibits for this year. We do hope you like it. 1972 Sindy

5th November 2010

We are delighted to be able to publish a new page today to document the 1960s Sindy Dress-up Clothes. When we were writing about the 60s, we thought long and hard about including an item about these sweet little outfits, but we didn't have any to display. So we decided, with some regret, that we wouldn't include them. However thanks to this brilliant donation we are able to complete another part of Sindy's history. Sindy Dress-up Clothes

4th November 2010

The Museum has received another delivery of some incredibly rare items. Today we are updating one of our 1967 Scenesetters exhibits - Sindy's Spray-on Hair Mist. We thought we had done well with being able to show you the four original bottles from this set. We never expected to be able to show it to you as new and still in its original packaging. We so want one of these. Spray-on Hair Mist (Ref 12SA10)

3rd November 2010

We have another lovely donation for you today, two more 1971 Sindy 'Bridesmaid' variations. We have updated the text, and also included a photo of the back of the bouquet, as well as the new photo. Bridesmaid (Ref 12S40)

2nd November 2010

We have been given quite a few snippets of information regarding some of the 1971 Sindy page exhibits. In particular, 'Disco Party' has been found with a number of different types of popper. 'Casual Cords' came with white daisy sandals and has also been found MIP (Mint in Packet) called 'Levicords'.

Regarding names generally, we have been asked why we have in some instances shown two names in the title? This is because the 1971 Pedigree trade brochure and the 1971 Pedigree Sindy style booklet used slightly different names, and as the trade brochure names were again used in 1972, this is the name we have opted for. There are no new photos just updated text on this page. 1971 Sindy

We have also been given two new donations for the Sindy Mam'selle page

  • A photo of the Mam'selle 'Teenage Shoes' MIP. Teenage Shoes (Ref DR314)
  • A photo of Sindy wearing the 'Pop Accessories' which compliments the MIB photo. We have also learned that the scarf frayed easily which probably explains why so few of them survive today. Pop Accessories (Ref DR360)
31st October 2010
We were so happy to receive the email asking if we would like Mitzi's Eiffel Tower charm, because we did wonder whether we would ever be able to complete this page. Then the photo arrived and wow the detail is stunning. We hope it helps all those collectors, who perhaps like us, have bought "Mitzi Eiffel Tower" charms  off ebay only to discover that they were not.
29th October 2010

Observations from collectors about items from their own collections are always really interesting because there are often aspects which are helpful in understanding what we all have and in adding to Sindy collective knowledge generally. It also helps us to improve the information that we provide in the Museum.

As a result of your observations we need to update 1965 Paul. Your suggestions are very helpful because when you are very close to the creation of something like this website you don't always spot things the way that others who come fresh to it do.

  • Firstly, we need to document a few differences noted with a couple of outfits and what was available in their boxes - would you believe the substitution of Sindy's things? Some really interesting differences have been spotted about the 'And so to bed' and 'Seaside' NFRBs (Never Removed From Boxes) and so we need to record them and update the introduction.
  • Secondly, a collector noticed that we hadn't provided a photograph of Paul's sunglasses for his 'Seaside' outfit and took a photo of their own and sent it in with a suggestion that we might like to add it to the page for other collectors to see. For us, it was one of those “uh-huh” moments where you think, why didn't we think of that?

So here is a link to an updated 1965 Paul page with a thank you to our sharp-eyed Paul collectors. 1965 Paul

27th October 2010

We always get very excited when someone contacts us and uses the word "Mam'selle" in the title (we need to get out more), this was no exception. At last we have a boxed 'Pop Accessories' to show you. Slowly but surely we are adding these elusive and highly prized outfits to the Museum and at least if we never get to own them ourselves, we can at least look at them. Pop Accessories (Ref DR360)

26th October 2010

Today we are returning to 1971 Sindy because we need to deal with a request and add some new donations.

  • Lastly, we have been given some cracking photos of a rare 'Shiny Shopper' coat with plastic poppers, the detail is fantastic and is probably the only chance that most of us will ever have of seeing it. Shiny Shopper (Ref 12S39)
25th October 2010

Firstly, thank you to all the visitors who contacted us to say how much they were enjoying the 1970s. It was hard work but we are pleased that you like what we have done. We also delighted that so many of you like the Sindy Puppets and Sindy Jack in the Box, they are lovely aren't they (“But where are the brunettes?” asks Annie).

Secondly we had a great weekend for donations and we are able to add quite a few photos which we hope you'll enjoy looking at as much as we did. It will take us a few days to load them all and we will try to add them logically.

Today we are going to add some Scenesetters:

  • we are now able to fill in most of the 1971 Scenesetters (though sadly no news of that cooker yet) 1971 Scenesetters


  • we can also add the Sink Unit to 1969 which includes a detailed photo of the pump unit that made the sink work 1969 Scenesetters
24th October 2010

Yesterday, the Musuem put on display three wonderful Sindy Puppets and today we are adding a new exhibit which is just as awesome, if not more so, because of its rarity. Would you believe a Sindy Jack in a Box? Sindy Jack in the Box

23rd October 2010

Today we are completing 1971 by adding two new pages to complete the year.

  • 1971 Sindy's friends just documents that this was the last year that Vicki and Poppet were shown in the catalogues - so no pictures and it is not that exciting really. 1971 Sindy's friends
  • 1971 Scenesetters could be exciting except we don't have any of the scenesetters for this year and our Museum could really do with some donations of the pink hairdryer and original white armchair - can you help? 1971 Scenesetters

But actually it is quite good that these are boring pages, because we wanted to show you something really very wonderful and beautiful, three mint Sindy puppets. We have wanted to publish these ever since we got them and they really helped us to concentrate when 1971 got tough. We hope you enjoy them, we think they are breathtaking and we got the shock of our lives when we saw them - guess which dolls they are? Sindy Puppets

By the way if you think the puppets are good, come back tomorrow for something just as stunning...

22nd October 2010

Today we have added a 1971 Patch page which includes another outfit that we cannot place. It could be this outfit is not from 1971 at all, so we would be grateful for any information that you may on it. 1971 Patch

21st October 2010

At long last we are pleased to publish 1971, which has been a particularly hard year to document. We would like to especially thank all those collectors who answered our endless questions about points of detail as we worked through the year. As many collectors will know, the early 1970s is tough, and everything we show has been considered very carefully. We would welcome your feedback, particularly regarding identification and variations. We hope you like it. Over the next few days we will continue to add the rest of 1971 to the website.  1971 Sindy

12th October 2010

A treat for Patch collectors today.

A photo of the variation 'Casual Skirt' has been donated to the Museum. The owner has taken a great photo and the detail is outstanding. Blouse (Ref 9P55) & Casual Skirt (Ref 9P56)

11th October 2010

Today we are going to address some of your messages - thank you for these comments. Please keep looking and commenting, your observations help us to refine the quality of the references and the overall richness of the Museum.

  • Firstly, in order to write about the differences of the 1971 Skiing outfit, we have had to revisit 1965 'Winter Holiday' which we have rewritten to add extra detail about the Skis and Ski Poles. Winter Holiday (Ref 12S11)
  • 1968 Sindy 'Mini Gear' - we now know this is the right jumper and that it is similar to Patch's. That was a relief, we have probably all been there, where you have spent a small fortune on a rare Sindy outfit and then been troubled as to whether or not it is right! Text updated. Mini Gear (Ref 12S89)
  • Sindy Mam'selle 'April Showers', the boots have been confirmed - text updated. April Showers (Ref DR388)
  • 1970 Sindy 'Miss Sindy' - a sharp-eyed collector noticed we had dress the Sindy with the wrong sash - whoops so we had. We have redressed her and retaken the photo and provided an additional photo to show the detail - photos changed and text updated. Miss Sindy (Ref 12GSS4) (Boxed doll outfit)
10th October 2010

We are able to complete a little bit more of the Sindy Mam'selle page today with some lovely donations.

  • Firstly, the beautifully simple but so very rare 'In the Mood' - such a pretty dress. In the Mood (Ref DR362)
  • Secondly, we have had two donations which have enabled us to almost complete 'April Showers' which is great! April Showers (Ref DR388)
9th October 2010

We have been very touched by the response we had to the Christmas Fairy Sindy. We are so pleased that you like her. We were also contacted by a collector who had a 1969 Hamleys catalogue which also sold the Christmas Fairy Sindy, her outfit is slightly different so we have added this pretty girl to the page too. If you have more information on the fairy, do get in touch. Christmas Fairy Sindys

8th October 2010

We are sorry that we haven't added anything new to the Museum this week, but we have been working flat-out on 1971 which is not the easiest of years.

In checking all the catalogues, we came across something quite wonderful. We were seriously thinking about keeping it for Christmas, but in order to move on to 1971 and to keep everything in chronological order we are going to show it to you now, particularly as so many of you have been so kind to us and we wanted to say thank you for your support.

So here is a treat for you whilst you are waiting for 1971 – the Hamleys 1970 Christmas Fairy Doll. Christmas Fairy Sindys

1st October 2010

The advantage of an online reference site is that you can change things relatively quickly if something needs updating. We have received a couple of emails about an outfit we had shown as 1970 'Outdoor Girl'. There is some doubt as to what 'Outdoor Girl' really is, whether it is the long yellow mac, whether it is a boxed doll outfit or indeed whether it relates to Reference12GSS9 at all. Given your comments, we have decided to re-index the outfit we had shown as "Outdoor Girl' to 'Unknown' pending confirmation of its id or removal from the Museum, as we have no wish to mislead visitors.

We would be very grateful if you have any definite information about this outfit or Ref 12GSS9 to let us know so that we can try to sort this out. As we have always said, we may not always get things right (even though we do try very hard to do so), but if we work together maybe we can solve this query. If you can help, do get in touch. 1970 Sindy

30th September 2010

One of the nicest things about Sindy collecting is that there is always something new to learn. Whenever we are sent a new donation for the museum, we always investigate it to see how it fits in with what we already have. Sometimes just the smallest thing leads to finding out something else we didn't know before.

Take todays' donation. We were sent photos of the the boxes of Sindy's 1968 'Dressing Table' and 'Bedside Table'. We were delighted to get these because we didn't have any good ones to show you, but then we noticed the illustrations on the reverse of the boxes and we could see they were of the earlier scenesetters, not the new contemporary products they were released with. That got us wondering, and we started to dig through the various Christmas toy catalogues that collectors have lent us. In 1967-68 Hamley's catalogue, which was released in time for 1967 Christmas ordering there were items for Sindy, Patch and Paul which span both 1967 and 1968. For example the Sindy shown is the original short-haired version, Paul (who was dropped at the end of 1967) is also shown, but surprisingly you can also see Sindy's new restyled 'Wardrobe' and 'Patch's Pony Pixie'.

When you think about it, this is quite logical, Pedigree were in the business of making toys and you need new attractive products for the Christmas spending rush to capture market share. So in all likelihood, as we have seen elsewhere, some of the items that we show belonging to certain years were available earlier. What we think is probably around September new products were released in time to be marketed for Christmas. We see this elsewhere with, for example, the Lovely Lively Sindy who is shown in the 1970 Tri-ang Christmas Catalogue.

To try to avoid confusing you and us, we will continue to show the Sindy item wherever possible in the year of the official Pedigree Sindy style leaflet or brochure, but please bear in mind that some of the items were probably available much earlier than the leaflet or brochure suggests. Where a Sindy item does not appear in the official literature, we will show in the year for which we have proof such as a Christmas catalogue.1968 Scenesetters

28th September 2010

Sindy and advertising - now here's a new subject for the anoraks amongst us. We know Sindy was involved in the Cortina Mk II advertising but this latest donation was news to us.

These two pages are from Ideal Home Magazine September 1964 edition. And yes she's selling carpet - no you say - she can't be - not our Sindy! But when you think about, fitted carpet was a luxury in the 1960s, so who better than Sindy to promote luxury. We could give you a whole essay on why celebrity advertising is so important in marketing. But we think you'd rather just see the pictures.

  • Can you name the outfits?
27th September 2010

Here is the rest of 1970. They do help to complete the 1970 story, although as you will see, Patch and Poppet only have one new outfit each, and whilst we have written about the 1970 Scenesetters, we are not at all sure that they were actually available.

26th September 2010

We are pleased to add another page to our Sindy Museum. Here is 1970 Sindy. Writing about 1970 turned out to be really hard, the style leaflet doesn't match what was actually for sale. We think we've got this right but we would be grateful for your comments. We do hope you like it. 1970 Sindy

In order to publish 1970 Sindy we had to amend 1969 Sindy to include the 'Weekenders' revival outfit. 1969 Sindy

25th September 2010

Today we are able to add two more of the 1968 Sindy packs. This time for pack B.

  • 'Pack B (Ref 12S87) Holiday' - we were not at all surprised to learn that the picture and description in the style catalogue did not match the actual pack, given what we have learnt so far about the pack As.
  • "Pack B (Ref 12S87) Picnic' - for some reason we expected that this might contain some of the 'Carefree Camping' accessories, we were therefore very interested to see these little items.
Text updated and photos added. We are now only missing two packs, School and Travelling, it would be great if we could complete the list and show all of them. If you have either of these and you would be willing to show them here please get in touch. 1968 Sindy
24th September 2010

With the help of some generous Sindy collectors, we are now able to complete another piece of the1960s Sindy jigsaw puzzle. Today we are adding the rest of the 1968 Sindy Pack As. These lovely photos show just what was in each pack and as we thought, we hadn't listed everything that was in them.

  • 'Pack A (Ref 12S86) Riding' also included two grooming brushes and a curry comb.
  • 'Pack A (Ref 12S86) Shopping' turned out to be even stranger than we thought. We thought that this pack contained Sindy's black ski boots which was a bit mad but perhaps Sindy was ahead of her time wearing her ski boots as a fashion statement. Nope, this pack contained Patch's black wellingtons! Sindy, our princess of fashion, shopping in her kid sister's black wellingtons? That's just weird.
  • 'Pack A (Ref 12S86) Shopping' also included Ringo's bowl and bone. We think this one is our favourite, knee high boots and a doggie - what more could a girl ask for?
Text to all four Pack As updated and photos added. 1968 Sindy
23rd September 2010

A quiet day in the Museum today as we are getting ready to publish 1970. But in order to do that we need to bring the Patch outfits story up-to-date. Originally we didn't have a 1969 Patch page because there were no new outfits released for her during the year. But there are a few differences in the 1969 style catalogue, so before we move on we just need to document them. This page is pretty boring really and we don't have any photos on it, but we wanted to include it just to complete the 1960s. 1969 Patch

22nd September 2010

We have had a really nice donation to the Museum of the 1966 Dollybeats single and also of the recordings on it. We have therefore revised this section on the 1966 Scenesetters page and we have added the recordings of the story of how Sindy met The Dollybeats and also the Sindy single. They are a hoot, and worth listening too. We are brand new to all this uploading stuff, so do let us know if you have any problems with the recordings. So clear the lounge and have a 'bop' to "Sindy" - "Dollywow!" Sindy's Record (Ref SA9)

21st September 2010

Here is a nice thing. When we were looking at 'Miss Cortina' for our Mam'selle page, we remembered seeing an original advert for the Ford Cortina MkII which had Sindy dolls in it and sold on ebay for a large sum of money. It was a great item but it just went too high for us. Anyway, we contacted the Ford Cortina MkII Owners Club. They had not heard of this advert but they were intrigued anyway (collectors are same everywhere) and promised us they would look into it. They have been brilliant, and come back to us with an original advert showing the 'Miss Cortina' dress on a real model (love the shoes & handbag) and a copy of their 40th anniversary issue magazine. It is a lovely Sindy tie-in. Miss Cortina (Ref DR386)

20th September 2010

Today we have decided to update Sindy's first 'Wardrobe' and 'Bed' because our information was incomplete and therefore misleading. Hopefully our new information will help you when considering your own collection.

19th September 2010

We are so happy collectors are pooling knowledge from all over the world and today it has brought something spectacular from one such collector. When we were first approached with this donation, we didn't believe it. We never take anything on face-value, but how do you check an outfit that you have never seen and where previous descriptions have been so vague? But when we saw it, we knew.

It was an enormous step for the owner to make this outfit available for everyone to see, and whilst we have thanked the owner personally. It would be a lovely gesture for other collectors to also show their appreciation of this wonderful, almost mythical outfit. If you would like to, please leave a message for the owner in the Museum Guestbook where they will be able to read first-hand your own thanks for their enormous generosity. This is truly Our Sindy Museum and we are honoured and privileged to bring you "Bahama Bound' - enjoy. Bahama Bound (Ref DR387)

18th September 2010

A few things to add and update today.

  • Request for a photo of Mam'selle Patch "Land of Nod' pants - photo added.Patch Mam'selle Outfits
  • 1969 Sindy - we are delighted to have a photo of the lilac & pink variation of "Sunshine Girl' to show you and we know the owner went to a lot of trouble to get the photo just right - thank you. Photo added and text updated. 1969 Sindy
  • Sindy's Mam'selle Outfits - we now have a Mam'selle label to show you. Photo added and text updated.Sindy Mam'selle Outfits
We are very excited about tomorrow, when we will unveil our latest star exhibit. We are sure the Sindy 'anoraks' amongst you will have worked out what it is by now, but just to add to the fun, here is our final clue. "She plans to have lunch in Nassau, and then take a taxi to Caves Beach for a relaxing afternoon."
17th September 2010

Today is 'Sindy's Bath' day. We have lots of new information on the original bath and so we have had to substantially revise this section, and we can now also include some photos, so that's another piece of the 1960s Sindy jigsaw complete. 1968 Scenesetters

 Here's another clue for our new star attraction which will be coming soon "Will she need a visa for her French passport?"

16th September 2010

It is a very quiet day in the Museum today, because we are busy trying to get ready for our latest star donation. We are very excited about this one and we are sworn to secrecy but here's a clue "Our little lady is going on holiday...."

 Today's additions:

  • The cups, saucers, box & baby doll present from Patch's Mam'selle outfit "Happy Returns' Patch Mam'selle Outfits
  • A close-up of the Honey magazine from 'Fur Fashion' 1967 Sindy
15th September 2010

Today we have sorted out the various Pack A (Ref 12S86) and B (Ref 12S87) accessory packs that were available in 1968. We originally listed four. Two of these were uncatalogued. We have now know that there were eight packs.

We only have one of them, but we have made up a Pack B to show you. We'd love to show all the packs, can you help? We suspect there will be variations as we already know that there are at least two variations of Pack A - Party.

We were pleased to establish that Patch's school accessories was one of these packs as we have seen it a couple of times on ebay and we could not work out where it fitted in, so we are glad to have solved that puzzle.

Pack B - Shopping is funny. It contained Sindy's black ski boots - we didn't believe it ourselves until we saw the photo (which sadly we can't use). Oh yes, Sindy clomping around Carnaby Street with her new red PVC shopping bag and umbrella in black ski boots - we think not. But it does go to show how inventive Pedigree were in finding ways to use up their stock. 1968 Sindy

14th September 2010

We were quite surprised at the interest that was generated by our original Mary Poppins page, and we received a huge donation from a New Zealand collector. We also received more information from a Sindy collector who grew up in NZ, a UK Sindy collector and from a Tammy collector. To all of them, on behalf of all of us, thank you.

We have completely rewritten the Mary Poppins page. It still may not be exactly correct but we think we are nearly there. It was a lot of work, but she is so worth it. If you have time, do take a look, we just love her. Mary Poppins Sindy

13th September 2010

Today we are going to deal with a query raised and another request.

Firstly “What's the point of Website Friends?”
Good question, to be honest we are not too sure ourselves, it came with the package. As far as we can see, it can be used to create a mailing list to let members know of changes to the website, and it can be used to create a forum where members can post their own pictures and make comments etc.

To be honest, we didn't set out to create a forum. Frankly, there are some excellent ones out there already and we just don't have the expertise to run that sort of thing. We just want to use it so that our members don't have to visit all the time to see if we have updated something or added a new gallery (unless they want to of course). We also want to use it to let members know first when we are about to add something really special or significant to the Museum.

OK, so what's involved in signing up? Well it's free. You can be invited to be a member or you can become a member when you contact the website or leave a guestbook message. When we get the request, we will make sure it looks genuine (we want to guard against those strange people who just try to get their name on everyone's website) and we will accept the request. You will then get an email asking you to click on a link to join the site.

This will take you to a registration page and you will be asked the following:

  • Your email address
  • You'll be asked for a password (you choose one of your own)
  • You'll be asked to retype your password
  • What name you would like to see displayed
  • Your date of birth, but if you don't want people to know how old you are you can tick a “Don't display my age” box
  • Your location which you can keep vague if you prefer (up to you)
  • Whether you are male or female (you have to say to begin with but you can always then login and update you profile and leave it unspecified if you prefer)
  • You then have to type in random words which the website generates to stop spammers

When you submit this page, you get another email asking you to complete your profile. Click on the long link in the email. You will be taken to a page where you type in your email address and password. Now you can add a photo of your favourite Sindy, tell us a bit about yourself (if you want to), and you can choose how often you want to be told that new content to the website has been added. Press submit and that is it.

We thought about getting rid of Museum Friends, but we do see it could be useful because we will be updating the website quite a lot over the next few months and it is an easy way for you to check what is going on. So we will keep it for a while and see if it works.

The Sindy Museum Shop
Secondly, we have received requests as to whether we have any spare Sindy stuff available to buy? LOL name a collector who hasn't! We had originally thought we might open a shop, then we decided we wouldn't, but we have thought about this one again and decided we will. We were concerned as to whether our Museum donors would be happy with this – but collectors are collectors and the idea has been warmly received and has their blessing. So, the items will be accurately and honestly described, and we will try to price them fairly. We will pay the postage in the UK.

We would really like these items to go to Sindy collectors & collections. At the moment we are still learning how this works, so we regret that we don't really want to post outside of the UK. But, if there is something an overseas collector really wants please contact the shop and we will see what we can do.

Again, we are not sure how successful this will be, so we are going to trial it for a while and see how it goes. Sindy Museum Shop

We would be grateful for feedback on these two items, please contact the Museum and let us know.

12th September 2010

Today is Mam'selle day.

Firstly, we have a picture of Sindy's 'April Showers' coat. Sadly it doesn't have the hat or original boots but the design of the coat and floral pattern is really lovely. Sindy Mam'selle Outfits

Next, we are delighted to show you the original Sindy 'Gad About' silver medallion belt with the Egyptian Pharaoh's head. Sindy Mam'selle Outfits

Lastly, a photo of Paul's 'String Set' which the donor has kindly removed from the box so that you can get a better look. Paul Mam'selle Outfits

Can we ask, does anyone have Paul dressed in his Mam'selle string vest & pants (sexy) which we could put in the gallery?

11th September 2010

We are continuing to work through all the donations that a number of you have kindly made to the Museum.

Firstly, we received an excellent suggestion regarding navigating around the page. The idea was that at the bottom of each page there should be a "back to the top" button. We have done this and now you will find a Sindy logo at the bottom of each page, if you click on it, you will be taken back to the top of the page.

Also added today:

  • Country Walk was available until 1969. Description updated. 1963 Sindy
  • We have been given a photo of Betsy's flowers for her 'Party Time' outfit. Photo added and description updated. 1967-68 Sindy's new friends
  • We were asked for a close up of Vicki's tennis racquet charm. Photo added 1967-68 Sindy's new friends
  • We now have a close up photo of the torch on Paul's Mam'selle 'Track Suit'. Photo added Paul Mam'selle Outfits
  • Request for a close up of Sindy's 1965 'Emergency Ward' medicine bottle. Inset photo replaced and description updated. 1965 Sindy
10th September 2010

The museum has been open for four days now and the response from Sindy collectors both from the UK and around the world has been terrific.

We have lots of new information and offers of photos to sort through. As we have quite a bit to add to the site, the sidebar isn't really suitable anymore so we have moved to a page format where we hope to be able to add links so that you can get to the new information easily. Please bear with us as we are very new to all of this, and we are complete novices at website design and build and we are learning as we go along.

Added today:

  •  1968 Sindy's new friends. We have now been given a new photo by a kind collector. This time of the Mitzi box insert outfit of 'Dream Date'. We have also been given extra information on Mitzi's jumper. We have added the photo and updated the description. 1967-68 Sindy's new friends
  • 1968 Sindy's new friends. We have also been given a photo of Poppet's pretty double-heart charm. Photo added. 1967-68 Sindy's new friends
  • We now have Patch's boot charm to show you. Photo added. 1968 Patch
  • We have also established that Patch's 'Summer Suit' did come with socks. Photo of an MIP outfit added and description updated.  1968 Patch


9th September 2010
  • 1968 Sindy - Beach-time Girl variation photo added and description updated. 1968 Sindy
  • 1968 Sindy's new friends - photos changed to two new ones showing beautiful red haired and blonde haired Mitzis in original outfits and description updated. 1967-68 Sindy's new friends
  • 1969 Sindy - Bedtime Beauty comparison photo added showing the nightie with both blue and purple polka dots. 1969 Sindy
8th September 2010

Thank you for all the kind messages of support that you have sent to the museum. We have also received, from a generous Sindy collector, an extraordinary donation of rare Sindy items and useful information for display. It will take us a few days to update all the exhibits. As we update the exhibits we will list them here for you, so you know where to look for them.

To return to the top of the page click on the Sindy logo