Volendam Sindy is now online

Hot on the heels of 1983 Sindy Outfits and Separates is a new ‘Very Special Sindys’ page detailing the 1970s Dutch ‘Volendam Sindy’. Patricia Ruiter from The Netherlands, who is an old time Sindy collecting buddy and a good friend to the Museum has researched the Volendam dolls for many years. It helps that Patricia also sews because she has a forensic eye on the construction of garments generally.

The Volendam Sindy is beautiful and the new page explains the outfit in a way that we could never do, including the correct Dutch garment names and the history behind the costume. We think it is a very enjoyable read and we learnt a lot.

It should be noted that whilst many think that the Volendam costume is the national costume of the Netherlands, it is not. There are twelve provinces in The Netherlands and each has its own regional style.

Volendam Sindy is a bit of a mystery, and Patricia and ourselves would be delighted to hear from anyone who can add to her story.

Volendam Sindy

Returning to 1983 Sindy Outfits and Separates, courtesy of Lone from Denmark we have added a lovely ‘Gala Night’ variation. We have also added Kathy’s two ‘Holiday Girl’ boxes to show how the Princess Di head evolved, and the ‘Metallic Mover’ blouse which was requested.

1983 Sindy Outfits and Separates

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