1971 Sindy's friends

This is the very last year that Sindy’s 1960s friends can be found in the Pedigree catalogues.

Vicki was still shown and sold wearing her original outfit from 1968.

Poppet was the long haired version introduced in 1970, although her coat dress was again updated.

They apparently still came with their original charms of a tennis racquet and a double-heart.

By 1972 both these dolls had been discontinued.

Poppet in 'Coat Dress' (Ref 9GPP1) (Boxed doll outfit)

For her final year, Poppet was given another redesigned coat dress. She wore a cotton three-quarter length sleeved coat dress in a printed candy stripe pattern of  white, baby pink, lime green, and between the pink and green stripe there was a light khaki stripe which looks to been made by an overlap of the printing of the pink and green stripes. It had a sewn-on, turned-down collar of the same material and it fastened at the front with two large white plastic poppers. She wore a blue headband in the 1971 style catalogue and we have seen her boxed with a blue headband, (although some photos show a red headband) and she wore white knickers. Like Patch, accounts differ as to her shoes. The 1971 style catalogue shows her wearing red shoes. We have also seen boxed doll examples of her wearing Patch’s red shoes and bizarrely a pair that look suspiciously like Patch’s slippers with the sponge pom poms. We have therefore chosen red shoes.