1969 Sindy's friends - Goodbye Betsy and Mitzi

The front cover of the 1969 Sindy style booklet showed Sindy, Vicki, Patch and Poppet posing on steps in front of St Paul’s Cathedral. However, both Mitzi and Betsy were missing, having been discontinued and there are no pictures of them at all in this booklet. The two remaining friends were advertised separately with their original charms of a tennis racquet for Vicki and a double-heart for Poppet and appeared in various outfits and separates.

Whilst Mitzi was no longer available, on the back of the 1969 Scenesetter ‘Table & 2 Chairs’ (Ref 12SA16) there is a charming Scenesetter
photo story which still involved her and which showcased a number of the 1960s Scenesetters.