1. I just wanted to say thank you as I have been using your website to help piece together different outfits that I am currently selling on behalf of my Auntie. Having a full library of pictures and detailed descriptions has been so helpful and means I’ve been able to accurately describe things to collectors. Your new website looks even better! Thank you 🙂

    1. Thank you for writing, we are so glad we have been able to help you.

  2. Hi I designed the sindy fashions from 1974 to 1985. I started working at Pedigree in 1973. I can see a lot of my work in your pictures

    1. Well thank you Barbara for all your wonderful work! I will write to you, perhaps we can write an article about your designs 😊

  3. Thank you for this website! It is lovely to browse and look at all the Sindy fashion.

    1. Thank you Dawn, we are so pleased you like the new museum. Thank you for writing to us!

  4. What an amazing job you have done with updating your already great website! I hope you know how much help your site is for Sindy collectors all over the world! Thank you so much for everything you do! Love from Sweden, Martina Xx

    1. Thank you Martina for your kind words. Thank you for keeping Sindy alive over in Sweden 💗

  5. Wow! Your website update is incredible!
    I love the banners and the photography is beautiful. Your attention to detail is superb as always.
    Well done Annie and Kathy!

    1. Thank you for writing Susan, so pleased you like the update!

  6. Hi, I have so enjoyed looking at your website. I still have some of the outfits from the 1960s and a wardrobe. Many happy times and memories from my childhood. Sadly I cannot find my original Sindy. Catherine.

    1. We are so pleased you have enjoyed looking at the museum, the detail on some of those 1960s outfits is wonderful, isn’t it. Thank you for writing to us and we hope you are able to find your Sindy!

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