Paul Jack in the Box and other new content

Today we have added Susan Clipston’s lovely Paul in the Box to our original Sindy Jack in the Box page. He’s just lovely and lots of fun. Wearing his stylised medieval court jester outfit, he provides a fascinating insight into the Good-Wood Jack in the Boxes manufacturing because his mechanism is slightly different and more robust than the Sindy boxes. His label also includes both pre and post-decimalisation prices which allows us to pinpoint exactly when he was in the toy shops. He’s a sweetie and can be found here Sindy & Paul Jack in the Boxes

We have also added:

Apologies for the strange skinny photos which were displayed on mobile devices, that was totally my fault. I watched a video on how to resize pictures. Unfortunately, the video didn’t point out that the sizing didn’t work well for mobile devices. I had faithfully and diligently resized every photo in the museum. It took me a further five days to resize them all again ugh! Hopefully we have picked them all up now.

We hope you are enjoying the new museum? Behind the scenes we are tracking down and correcting a few outstanding issues and improving the content.

Have a great day,

Annie & Kathy

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