Patch Mam'selle Outfits

When Pedigree took over the Mam’selle range in 1966, they introduced a new range of outfits for 8 inch dolls. There were six such outfits made especially with Patch in mind, and they are amongst the hardest of all the Sindy outfits to find. Four outfits, Land of Nod, Teacher’s Pet, Winter Walk and Happy Returns were released in 1966. Tomboy and Autumn Leaves followed later, and are particularly difficult to find.

Land of Nod (Ref DR400)

A sweet little shortie nightie and matching pants for Patch. The Pedigree catalogue shows them in a pink rosebud pattern but we have only seen them in blue. The sleeveless nightie was made of a blue rose-sprigged seersucker cotton and it fastened at the back with a flat white painted popper. It was trimmed with white cotton lace at the neck and around the hem and it had a blue satin grosgrain ribbon at the neck.

The matching elasticated pants were trimmed with the same lace around the leg holes.

 We did wonder if this outfit came shoes, as you can see from the boxed outfit left it would appear it did not. We are not sure about this box as it appears to be an earlier version than those normally found with the Mam’selle Patch outfits (perhaps using up old box stock?).

Teacher's Pet (Ref DR401)

A sleeveless denim blue cotton dress with a drop-waist. The neck and armholes were trimmed with white cotton binding and the pleated skirt was denim blue and white striped cotton. The front of the dress was decorated with a red cotton trim leading to a big red bow on the drop waist. The dress fastened at the back with a flat red painted metal popper.

The pull-on hat was made of white waffle weave cotton (the same as used for in Sindy’s ‘Op Art’ bodice), trimmed on the inside with a red cotton binding with a flat red painted metal popper on the top of the crown which the matches the one on the dress. We have seen a boxed version of this outfit and it did not contain any shoes.

This was a beautifully styled outfit which looked good both from the front and the back.

Winter Walk (Ref DR402)

A bright pillar box red thick flannel long-sleeved coat with a contrasting collar and half-waist trim made of black velvet. It fastened at the front with three flat black painted metal poppers and it was pleated at the back. The matching red parson’s hat was made of plastic and covered with a red flock. It had a black velvet hatband with short streamers. Patch also had a fluffy white dog with black felt ears on a yellow cord lead to take for a walk.

The black tights shown in this photo are from ‘Easy Life’ and shoes did not come with this outfit.

Happy Returns (Ref DR403)

A really pretty party frock with a shiny lemon crushed velvet bodice and frilly skirt made of four tiers of white nylon lace over a white cotton underskirt. The neck is trimmed with a white cotton binding and the short sleeves are edged with the same lace as the skirt. Around her waist there is a sewn-on lemon satin grosgrain ribbon belt long enough to tie at the back to form a pretty bow and decorated white and green satin embroidery flowers sewn to the front.

The back of the dress was a low V trimmed with the same white cotton binding as the neck. This outfit came with an birthday party invitation and birthday cake. We have seen a boxed version of this outfit and it did not contain any shoes.

The set also came with four yellow transparent plastic cups, four burnt orange transparent plastic saucers and a wrapped birthday present containing a baby doll . There is a very interesting accessories variation to this outfit where the colour of the cups and saucers have been reversed, so the cups are instead orange and the saucers yellow.

Tomboy (Ref DR404)

Patch’s Mam’selle trousers and jumper outfit was really cute. Yellow trousers and a long-sleeved, multicoloured turtle-neck jumper made for cheerful casual wear. The jumper was made of fine machine knit fluffy wool (perhaps mohair?) and consisted of four rows of square colour blocks repeated. These rows were: red & pale lemon, black & sage green, maroon & gold, and royal blue & white. It fastened at the back of the neck with a flat white painted metal popper. Her straight-legged trousers were made of canary yellow cotton sailcloth and they had a fly front which fastened with a flat yellow painted metal popper. We do not know if any shoes came with this outfit.

Even this very rare outfit has a variation, the jumper can be found with the rows of colour blocks running on the vertical or on the horizontal depending on how the fabric was cut-out and stitched.

Autumn Leaves (Ref DR405)

Exceptionally rare and beautiful, this dress was another two-piece effect design of an all-in-one pinafore and jumper. The ‘pinafore’ was a block floral patterned cotton with a very dark green (almost black) background with yellow, orange, red and mustard coloured ‘blob’ flowers. The ‘jumper’ was a mustard coloured knitted cotton (the same as Sindy’s ‘Gad Abouts’) with ribbed cuffs and a turtle neck. It fastened at the back of the neck with a flat yellow painted popper. We do not know if it originally came with shoes.