1968 Patch Outfits and Separates

1968 was another great year for Patch outfits, all her previous outfits were still available and this year she had some new clothes which were amongst the prettiest that were ever made for her.

In this year, with the re-launch of Sindy and her friends, Patch was given her own charm – bless her – a boot!

Her boxes now carried a small sticker saying a charm gift was enclosed.

Easter Parade (Ref 9P12)

A pretty sleeveless, full-skirted white broderie anglais cotton dress and matching hat made up this ensemble. The dress had white binding around the armholes and the neck, and it had a red and white cotton lace trim around the skirt. It fastened with two white painted metal poppers at the back. The matching hat had a wide brim, and the same red and white lace as the dress used a decorative hat band with long streamers. She wore long white nylon socks and red shoes with moulded bows for her feet.

Patch carried an Easter egg, which was in reality plastic, wrapped in decorative red and silver foil and beautifully tied with a green silky grosgrain ribbon in a brown moulded whicker basket.

Summer Special (Ref 9P14)

A beautiful cotton shift floral dress with a matching pull-on hat and a lightweight summer coat. The dress was a sleeveless shift dress in a pretty pink and white fabric adorned with green and yellow rose sprigs. The armholes and the neck were bound in the same material. It fastened with one white painted metal popper at the back of the dress.

The hat was made of matching material, however the long-sleeved, edge-to-edge coat was predominantly rose-pink with the floral fabric used for the round collar and two faux-flap pockets. She wore long white nylon socks and had black shoes with moulded bows for her feet. She carried a little black patent handbag with with one small pearl bead for the fastening.

Winter Time (Ref 9P16)

A royal blue corduroy coat with a collar, trimmed with white cotton lace down the front which fastened at the front with three black painted metal poppers. With this outfit, Patch wore a beautiful white fake fur pair of mittens which were attached to a piece of elastic that threaded through the arms, with a matching scarf and beret. The outfit came with white patterned tights to keep her legs warm and a pair of white shoes with moulded bows.

Summer Suit (Ref 9P61)

A smartly tailored two piece suit made of fuchsia pink in an open linen weave with a dark blue  cotton trim to the cuffs of the jacket and the hem of the skirt. There is a pretty decorative bow made of the same material on the jacket. The collar of the jacket is made from the same type of material as the suit however the colour matches the blue trim & bow exactly. The jacket fastened up at the front by two square sewn-on metal snap fasteners. The skirt was made up of three panels and it fastened by one red painted metal popper at the back of the waist. It came with long white nylon socks and matching blue shoes with moulded bows.

Shown right Mint in Packet (MIP) in the orange flash packaging.

Casual Shift (Ref 9P62)

A blue cotton sleeveless shift dress with a T-bar floral cotton trim down the front. The dress fastened at the back with  a black painted metal popper. There was a matching floral headscarf to keep “her hair a little less unruly on windy days”. We do not know if this outfit originally came with shoes.

Variations can be found in the pattern used for floral cotton trim and headscarf – we have found two as shown above.

Winter Dress (Ref 9P65)

A long-sleeved, two-piece effect dress consisting of a red flannel cotton faux-pinafore with a contrasting black & white dog-tooth patterned cotton for the bib and sleeves. The dress fastened at the back with a red painted metal popper.