New Zealand Paul

I am not a Paul collector, luckily Kathy was. Neil in Australia is also a Paul collector. He sent us via Jen from Oz, a good friend to the museum, his mint New Zealand Paul. Kathy had a look and says she had those trousers, always wondered what they were and was absolutely delighted to see them in context. So simples I think, add Paul from New Zealand and it’s done. Except as part of due diligence obviously, you have to look into the Paul a bit more, and then it became quite complicated because Patricia who is a New Zealander but with Dutch ancestry and who now resides in the Netherlands, pointed out her slightly later childhood NZ Paul had ‘Made in Hong Kong’ jeans. All good I think after some hard questioning, simply show both.

Check all references to NZ market protection laws, yup pretty satisfied those are tied down.

Jen then points out the NZ Paul head is Made in Hong Kong.  I was confused by that, so had to go looking for an early Hong Kong head for myself. Contact Gill, a mint boxed doll collector here in the UK. Was a longshot request, but luckily she has an ‘Empire Made’ boxed Paul, so the faces could be scruntinised and wording approved.

I remain in awe of all the collectors who work together to ensure OSM exhibits are correctly exhibited. Their knowledge and their expertise is just selfless and fantastic. Their patience in dealing with me and my many questions is humbling. Personally, I have no problem in saying “I don’t know”, and I am grateful that others, who do know, share their knowledge and diligently reply with their own observations.

So to Neil who generously shared his lovely original NZ Paul, and to Jen and Patricia who assessed the new entries, and to Gill who confirmed with her mint Empire Made Paul, thank you.

1965 Paul – Sindy’s New Boyfriend has been updated to show the NZ Pauls and with added information on Paul himself 1965 Paul’s Outfits and Separates

1967 Paul has been updated to include a very nice photo portrait of ‘Hairy Paul’ 1967 Paul Outfits and Separates

Elsewhere in the Museum we return to the Martinair Sindys to include a variation of the straight arm Martinair jacket with the badge and buttons the other way around, thanks to Olga from Spain Martinair Sindy



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