Martinair Sindy is now online

After adding the beautiful Volendam Sindy to the Museum, it seemed a good idea to tackle the Martinair Sindys to complete the Dutch connection. Easy we thought, three dolls and two outfits, what could be simpler? OSM again prevailed on our Dutch friend Patricia Ruiter to help us. With seven Martinair dolls between us, including three mint dolls, two near mint, plus two other dolls, it seemed a quick win.

Except just like the Volendam Sindy, the Martinair girls had a few surprises of their own. We ended up with four dolls and three outfits. We had expected to write a sequential page; Edition 1 doll wearing the first Martinair uniform, Edition 2 doll wearing the revised Martinair uniform and the Edition 3 doll wearing the same revised uniform. In fact we had to break this page right down detailing four dolls and three uniforms, and we wrote instead about what we had and what we saw.

We were greatly helped by Cliff Muskiet’s brilliant Air Stewardess/Flight Attendant Uniform Collection website which helped with understanding the Martinair outfits and the timeline. We are grateful to him for allowing us to use his photos and a link to his website is included on the new page.

We are keen to hear from anyone with a Martinair Sindy which they believe to be original to share notes on what they have?

We hope you like this page and that it makes sense to you!

Again huge thanks to Patricia, it’s always a delight to work with another passionate Sindy anorak!

Martinair Sindy

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