Sindy the doll we love to dress

The Haslemere Museum Sindy Exhibition 2011

As a new and very keen collector of Sindy, I was thrilled to see that Johnny Clarke (of the fantastic 'Sindyourpedigreegirlofthe60s' website) had put some of his amazing Sindy collection on display at the Haslemere Education Museum. A great opportunity for me as someone who has only ever seen their own dolls.
Located on Haslemere High Street on the ground floor of the museum, the exhibition is an extensive and beautifully laid out collection.
I took my sister and niece along. My sister, no longer a huge doll fan, said it brought back fond childhood memories, particularly the pink 60's bath, early pink wardrobe and 'Sleepy-Time' outfit, which she remembered once owning.
My 12 year old niece who has recently started showing an interest in my small (but growing!) collection at home, was particularly smitten with Patch, Sindy's naughty sister's clothes, but her favourite was a 1984 'Beach Party' doll with her long straight hair.
Highlights for myself included the two earliest Sindy horses, stunning 'Come Dancing' dress with stole and extremely desirable 'Paul's Scooter'.
The exhibition provides a wonderful treat for original 60's girls, current collectors, future collectors and those who may no longer consider themselves Sindy fans, but who may simply need reminding.
Many thanks to Johnny and Haslemere Education Museum. The exhibition runs until Saturday 27th August 2011, it is free entry to the Museum and exhibit, but donations are always welcome.
Laurie Isherwood August 2011
Thank you Laurie for these wonderful photos, we think Johnny's exhibition is a real Summer holiday Sindy treat. If you have been to this exhibition and you have some photos that you would like to contribute to this article, please do get in touch.