Our Dolls and Outfits

Here you will find Sindy, Paul, Patch and all their friends dressed in the Pedigree Outfits available from 1963 to 1985. Follow Sindy’s fashions trends through decades.

Take a look at the stylish 1960s Mam’selle range of outfits for fashion dolls which was also made by Pedigree.

You can also view our North American Marx Sindy Gallery.

Our Sindy Scenesetters

Here you will be able to look at all Sindy’s Scenesetters from 1963 to 1985. The Sindy Scenesetters were extensive and included cars, horses, houses and furniture. The range was extraordinary.

Sindy could do anything and be anyone, and she had a range of accesories to make that happen.


Patch was introduced in 1966. She was described as “Sindy’s naughty little sister” and she was also given an extensive wardrobe and her own woven label. Patch arrived boxed and wearing her dungaree outfit which was an all-in-one red gingham top attached to denim dungarees


In 1965 Sindy got a boyfriend called Paul. Although he was only made for three years, his clothes were faithful replicas of what young men wore. No wonder he was described as “the well-dressed young man”.

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