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Sindy's 1974 Styling Head

Posted on May 29, 2022 at 9:55 AM

It's funny what you remember as a childhood toy, and that irresistible urge years later to find it again.

Lynn contacted us about the 1974 Sindy Styling Head because eventually she just had to buy back this treasured toy. This is what she said about owning her, "I sometimes pinch myself and think is she really mine and I am ever so tempted to take her out and style away. I’m very pleased I own her, she brought back a lot of happy memories".

I totally get that feeling and we are very glad to show this mint beauty in the Museum. She's gorgeous, and her box also provides an interesting insight into the hairstyles that were suggested for her. Personally, I never wanted to own a styling head until I saw this one, and she's really so very pretty...

We have taken this opportunity to remodel and complete the 1974 Scenesetters page, and so also now included is Sindy's 1974 Home, a second version of the pink Carry Case and the inflatable Pool Set.

Thank you Lynn for sharing, and to Katie who provided an insight into the Kelloggs Competition and that early Sindy Home.


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