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Johnny Clarke RIP

Posted on August 20, 2021 at 12:55 PM

It's with great sadness that we have learned that Johnny Clarke has passed away. Johnny was very personable; unfailingly kind, great fun and with a wicked sense of humour. He was a good friend to the museum and a number of his contributions can be found filling in gaps that we had. We will always remember him with affection for climbing into his loft at very short notice (i.e. the night before) to retrieve his horsebox so that we could use it in for our main exhibit on Sindy horsies for a Toy Museum for a Day pop-up charity event in Alresford. He only meant to drop by to give us the horsebox, but stayed until he had to go to work, brushing dolly hair for the displays and chatting with visitors.

His gorgeous 'Sindyourpedigreegirlofthe60s' website was an inspiration for many of us. His dolls were always beautiful, they were immaculately dressed and he had a great eye for detail. In 2011 he took his collection to the Haslemere Museum for a summer exhibition. If you have never seen Johnny's Sindy dolls, Laurie Isherwood wrote a lovely article including many photos which you can see here


Johnny's Sindy website has gone now, but he was also passionate about Mary Quant's Daisy and the Disco Girls and those websites are still running for now.



Johnny was also renovating a dolls house, 12 Worthington Road, and this is a lovely article about him and his interest in the miniature, be it dolls or dollhouses.


Real life happens, email addresses change and you lose touch with folk. After resuming the work of the Museum last year, I had been trying to contact him without success. I wish now that I had tried harder.

Thank you Johnny for the joy you gave us with your beautiful websites; and the interest, care and friendship you showed to many.

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