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The Baby Blue half-slips puzzle

Posted on April 29, 2020 at 7:25 PM

In 1980 Pedigree issued the pretty Baby Blue lingerie set with the reference 44073.

In 1981 Pedigree issued what looked to be exactly the same outfit but with a new reference 44082.

The allocation of a new reference keeps troubling me and I keeping coming back to the possiblility that it is related to the variation in the half slips.

When writing about 1980, we didn't know whether these differences could be explained by one being Pedigree and the other Schuco as we know this outfit was packaged under both brands, or by one being the 1980 and the other being the 1981 version. Or, were we looking at cost cutting? Or perhaps simple manufacturing differences given that the different snap-fasteners might indicate different production runs or production at two different factories. To be honest we still don't know!

But I am beginning to wonder if 1980 Ref 44073 is the longer slip and 1981 Ref 44082 is the shorter one? This is based very tentatively on the few Mint in Packets I could find on the internet. Unfortunately none of the photos are mine so I can't show them. Also, looking at photos, it's difficult to measure them accurately and some don't provide a reference.

So returning to the Pedigree catalogues, I do think there might be a difference. But, as always one can't rely wholly on the catalogue pictures because sometimes the finished garments were quite different. Looking further at this, possible different slips may be reflected in the packaging. See below 1980 packaging followed by 1981 packaging.


I am cautious to say this is correct i.e. longer slip in 1980 and shorter slip in 1981 because Sindy is wearing the wrong slippers in the 1981 picture and she is sitting down so it's not wholly reliable. So here's a shout out to anyone who have these outfits in or from MIP. Please could we kindly ask you to measure the length of your slip and tell us what reference is on the package?

Very interested in your opinions on this one.

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