Our Sindy Dolls and Outfits Gallery

Sindy and her oufits provide a remarkable insight into fashion trends in the U.K. from the early 1960s through to the mid 1980s. She had outfits for all occasions and every activity.

Shown here also is her 1960s little sister Patch, her boyfriend Paul and their friends. From the 1970s is her mailaway friend June. 

Also included is the late 1970s Marx Sindy and her boxed outfits released in the United States and Canada that we’ve assembled so far. We would be pleased to add to any additional mint boxed or packet outfits before they get forgotten.

View our extensive gallery of Sindys and her outfits ranging from the 1960s to the 1980s and there is Paul, Patch & Marx Sindy too!

1970s (1970 to 1974)