With thanks to all the following people and organisations who have helped us over the years to make Our Sindy Museum the resource it is today.

Where we have not brought forward a photo or have updated it, the contributor is still recognised and shown below.

Sindy Outfits and Separates

1963 Sindy

Confirmation of 1960s NZ labels – Georgina Caulton, New Zealand

French Sindy (Ref 12GSS) boxed doll, French Style Leaflet and ‘Surprise Party’ (Ref 12S03) complete outfit and lace detail – Sandra in France

‘Surprise Party’ (Ref 12S03) popper detail – Patricia Ruiter from the Netherlands

‘Lunch Date’ French version (Ref 12S04) – BillyBoy*, Photo: JP Lestrade Lala, Courtesy Fondation Tanagra

‘Out-and-about’ white MIE variation still shown & for her original MHIK version Ref (12S56) – Eileen in Western Australia

Info on the Tamashanta beret (Tam o’ Shanter) ‘Windy Day’ (Ref 12S54) – Yvonne Hendrie

Cape (Ref 12S57) observation on the flat, black Newey poppers – Carol Buckley

Cape (Ref 12S57) black and cream check variation – Pam B, UK

1964 Sindy

‘Bridesmaid’ pink flower variation (Ref 12S09) – Judy (aka Jaycee)

‘Seaside Sweetheart’ (Ref 12S10) Made in Hong Kong beachwrap, belt and bag – Mick & Carol Buckley

‘Springtime’ (aka ‘Blouse’) (Ref 12S59) final version in blue Made in Hong Kong – Patricia Ruiter from the Netherlands

1965 Sindy

‘Winter Holiday’ (Ref 12S11) observation on stitching on the back of the Made in England anorak – Frankie Sinclair

‘Sindy’s Hair Switch’ (Ref 12S63) information on Robert Fielding of Regent Street – Edward Hemmings of Alan d Hairdressing Education 

1967 Sindy

Insert Leaflet found with a MIE ‘Sindy Set’ Style Leaflet detailing earlier releases – Sandy Jennings

‘Come Dancing’ (Ref 12S23) information on the pearl necklaces – Cathryn Honeyman

1968 Sindy

Sindy box with new banner wrapper – Gill

‘Beach-time Girl’ (MIE pink hued top) (Ref 12GSS2) for the original dressed doll & ‘Beach-time Girl’ (MHIK blue hued top variation) (Ref 12GSS2) still shown in the Gallery – Anonymous

‘Beach-time Girl’ (Ref 12GSS2) Second MIE version of the top without the yellow collar – Julia Lindon-Travers

‘Miss Beautiful’ (Ref 12GSS4) different poppers photo – Teresa

Pack A (Ref 12S86) ‘Shopping’ information on contents – Karen Wright

Packs A (Ref 12S86) ‘Riding’, ‘Shopping’ & ‘Walking’ – Anonymous

Packs B (Ref 12S87) ‘Holiday’ & ‘Picnic’ – Anonymous

Pack B (Ref 12S87) ‘Traveller’ – Anonymous

1969 Sindy

‘Sunshine Girl’ (Ref 12GSS6) lilac & pink variation – Anonymous

‘Flower Frillies’ (Ref 12S92) two complete variation outfits shown on Vicki and original matching slip inset photos – Tracey

‘Flower Frillies’ (Ref 12S92) possible panties as shown in the 1982 Trade Catalogue – Pam B, UK

‘Flower Frillies’ (Ref 12S92) Mint in Packet outfit with red Trendy shoes – Sandra

‘Bedtime Beauty’ (Ref 12S93) fuchsia pink variation – Teresa

‘Bedtime Beauty’ (Ref 12S93) raspberry pink variation – Susan Clipston

1970 Sindy

Sindy Weekenders (Ref 12GSS) boxed doll and headband closeup – Karie

‘Belle of the Ball’ (Ref 12S33) white stole – Barry & Julia

‘Day Dress’ (Ref 12S97) variation – Teresa

‘Maxi Raincoat’ (Ref 12S98) info & advert picture – Anonymous

1971 Sindy

‘Sunshine Girl’ (Ref 12GSS6) blue, pink & lilac variation – Teresa

‘Fun Furs’ (Ref 12GSS10) original three versions – Anonymous Donation

‘Fun Furs’ (Ref 12GSS10) cream version on a Centrepart – Anonymous

‘Fun Furs’ (Red12GSS10) short red dress worn under the mushroon coloured furs – Julia Lindon-Travers

‘Midi Look’ (Ref 12GSS13) two variation dresses – Katherine

‘Hot Pants’ (Ref 12GSS15) – Anonymous Donation

‘Lovely Lively’ (Ref 12LS) boxed doll – Gill

Unknown Centrepart boxed doll and outfit (Ref Unknown) – Anonymous

Unknown Centrepart boxed doll (Ref Unknown) four detailed photos of the dress and scarf – Rina Goddard, UK

‘Shiny Shopper’ (Ref 12S39) shoulder bag with red popper detail – Teresa

‘Shiny Shopper’ (Ref 12S39) original plastic poppers on coat photos  – Aly Simmons

‘Bridesmaid’ (Ref 12S40) original bouquet  – Tracy Wills

‘Bridesmaid’ (Ref 12S40) variations – Anonymous

‘Look Warm’ (Ref 12S44) original scarf close up  – Anonymous

‘Midi Winter’ (Ref 12S46) brown fur variation – Robynne

‘Queen of the Ball’ (Ref 12S47) confirmation of the bronze sandals – Anne Walker

Queen of the Ball’ (Ref 12S47) rose pink coat variation outfit – Gill

‘Tangerine Dress’ (Ref 12S108) original version of 1973 firecracker scarf – Teresa

1972 Sindy

‘Walking Sindy’ (Ref 12WS1) variation sweater – Jacquie

‘Fun Furs’ Ref (12GSS10) cream version on a Trendy – Anonymous Donation

‘Day Girl’ (Ref 12GSS18) – Jacquie

‘Day Girl’ (Ref 12GSS18) variations – Linda

‘Sleep Tight’ (Ref 12GSS19) variation – Jacquie

‘Bedtime Beauty’ (Ref 12S93) outfit only – Susan Clipston

‘Blazer’ (Ref 12S119) variations – Anonymous Donation

‘Mod Suit’ (Ref 12S200) cobalt blue square-toed shoes – Teresa

‘Mod Suit’ (Ref 12S200) 1970s Sindy carousel display – Johnny Clarke

‘Summer Party’ (Ref 12S203) headband and bag – Sally

‘Sindy Supershow Ballet’ (Ref 12SA26) ribbon rosette headdress – Teresa

‘Startime’ (Ref 12S205) Accessories shown with model head – Tracey

‘Startime’ (Ref 12S205) variation headband – Jacquie

‘Startime’ (Ref 12S205) necklace – Debbie Thomas

‘Startime’ (Ref 12S205) variation bag – Sally

‘Startime’ (Ref 12S205) possible variation maxi-dress – Scott, Hampshire

‘Startime’ (Ref 12S205) original headband with moulded hexagonal sequins – Pauline

‘Startime’ (Ref 12S205) original shoulder bag with diamante clasp – Joy

1973 Sindy

‘Sindy Super Sound’ (Ref S604) main picture – Karie

‘Sindy Super Sound’ (Ref S604) two dressed bonde Sindys and equipment – Susan Clipston

‘Top Pop’ (Ref S651) main photo in abstract variation – Elizabeth

‘Sindy Funtime’ (Ref S676) main photo and shoe detail  – Penelope Jane

‘Sindy Funtime’ (Ref S676) variation outfit – Susan Clipston

‘Cosy Coat’ (Ref S202) variation – Elizabeth

Bridesmaid (Ref S209) original bouquet – Sally

‘Bridesmaid’ (Ref S209) variation – Teresa

‘Checker Decker’ (Ref S212) main photo – Anonymous Donation

‘Checker Decker’ (Ref S212) Boxed outfit – Elizabeth

‘Fun Fashion’ (Ref S800) original sleeveless dress – Elizabeth

1974 Sindy

‘Ship Ahoy’ (Ref S606) red flower variation – Jacquie

‘Sleep Tight’ (S214) variation outfit – Jacquie

‘Wavy Navy’ (Ref S215) maroon variation photos & observations – Gill Pritchard

‘Check Mate’ (S218) red variation including inset photos of headband and handbag – Susan Clipston

‘Party Date’ (Ref S224) original main picture – Elizabeth

‘Casual Day’ (Ref S227) red and green variation on a Sindy – Elizabeth

‘Casual Day’ (Ref S227) inset photo of red and green variation – Sally

‘Casual Day’ (Ref S227) odd MIP variation  – Anonymous Donation

‘Summer Party’ (Ref S128) main photo large polka dot dress – Jacquie

‘Summer Party’ (Ref S128) small polka dot dress on a blonde Sindy plus inset sleeve detail photo – Elizabeth

‘Summer Party’ (Ref S128) description – Johnny Clarke

‘Bell Sleeves’ (S132) main photo of two variations – Jacquie

‘Sun Suit’ (S137) label checking – Johnny Clarke

1975 Sindy

‘Lovely Lively’ (Ref 44608) hairband – Helen

‘Marguerite’ (Ref 44053) shown on a Sindy – Susan Clipston

‘Marguerite’ (Ref 44053) yellow variation – Katherine

‘Marguerite’ (Ref 44053 Mint in Packet plus inset photo of scarf – Elizabeth

‘Polka Party’ (Ref 44135) two variations shown on Sindys  – Jacquie

‘Shorty Nighty’ (Ref 44140) 1976 dark rose variation – Marjoke

‘Shorty Nighty’ (Ref 44140) 1975 & 1976 Mint in packets – Anonymous Donation

‘Baggies’ (Ref 44141) Mint in Packet – Elizabeth

‘Gingham Gear’ (Ref 44142) main photo and inset – Johnny Clarke

‘Checky Coat’ (Ref 44228) red check variation – Susan Clipstone

‘Mix n Match’ (Ref 44231) 1975 & 1976 outfits Never Removed from Boxes and inset photos – Anonymous Donation

‘Hallo Dolly’ (Ref 44232) original complete outfit shown on a Sindy – Marjoke

‘Hallo Dolly’ (Ref 44232) red variation dress – Isa

‘Sunflower’ (Ref 44233) 1975 & 1976 Mint in Packets – Anonymous Donation

‘Jumper n Jeans’ (Ref 44235) 1975 & 1976 Mint in packets  – Anonymous Donation

‘Window Shopper’ (Ref 44252) beige & peach variations comparison photos – Jacquie

Museum Gallery – 1975 ‘Shirt’ (Ref 44138) with ‘Baggies’ (Ref 44141) – Jacquie

1976 Sindy

‘In the Pink’ (Ref 44152) main photo – Johnny Clarke

‘Mandarin’ (Ref 44529) variation outfit with red trousers – Alison McGrory

‘McSindy’ (Ref 44283) blue tartan variation main photo  – Teresa

‘McSindy’ (Ref 44283) Never Removed From Box yellow & black tartan variation – Annet

‘McSindy’ (Ref 44283) Never Removed From Box orange & blue tartan variation – Starla

‘McSindy’ (Ref 44283) Never Removed From Box blue tartan variation – Jacquie

‘Feeling Frosty’ (Ref 44284) muff – Teresa

‘Feeling Frosty’ (Ref 44284) original suedette coat & bag shown – Teresa 

1977 Sindy

‘Superstar’ Sindy (Ref 44614) main photo – Penelope Jane

‘Little Things’ (Ref 44292) half-slip – Lisa Fantasy Sindy

Misty Blue (Ref 44300) Never Removed from Box with white furry slippers  – Liz Heckenberg

‘Mix n Match’ Child’s T-shirt gift – Fondation Tanagra

1978 Sindy

‘Funtime Sindy’ (Ref 44692) international version of dress shown on Sindy – Patricia

‘Funtime Sindy’ (Ref 44692) international version of dress inset photo – Marjoke

‘High Society’ (Ref 44269) original Mint in Packet variation  – Marjoke

‘Around Town’ (Ref 44273) variation scarf – Sheree Bell

‘Paris Mode’ (Ref 44311) original main photo  – Robynne

‘Paris Mode’ (Ref Ref 44311) Never Removed from box photo – Jacquie

‘April Showers’ (Ref 44313) original mittens photo – Linda

‘Good Morning’ (Ref 44314) main photo & lace trim detail shown with ‘Sweet Dreams Sindy’ (Ref 44694) – Patricia

‘First Night’ (Ref 44315) two variation dresses & clutch bags – Julia & Amy Lindon-Travers

‘Mix n Match’ (Ref 44188) variation T-shirt with orange stitching – Starla

‘Jewellery Accessories’ (Ref 44417) white jewellery box – Susan Clipston

1979 Sindy

‘Show Jumper’ (Ref 44698) newsletter feature from Siny’s World  – Robynne from Australia

‘Pyjama Party’ (Ref 44207) peach variation – Lisa from Sweden

‘White Wedding’ (Ref 44298) – continental boxed doll (Ref 44862) – Steve Van Heijningen

‘White Wedding’ (Ref 44298) – continental variation on Sindy (Ref 44862) – Patricia from the Netherlands

1979 Sindy – ‘Tartan Touch’ MIB Ref 44321 – Lisa from Sweden

‘Bonnie Sindy’ (Ref 44901) John Menzies boxed doll  – Jake & Philippa Davies

1980 Sindy

‘You & Sindy’ (Ref 44623) Danish advert and translation – Marianne from Denmark

‘Schuco-Gold Sindy (Ref 14-4624) dress lace variation – Dionne Bramall from Ireland

‘You & Sindy’ (Ref 44623) and ‘Schuco-Gold Sindy (Ref 14-4624) hybrid dress – Starla

‘Sweet Dreams Sindy’ (Ref 44740) replacement ‘Bedtime Sindy’ blonde boxed doll and explanatory slip – Susan Gilbey

‘City shopper’ (Ref 44338) Mint in Box outfit and Mint in Box variation – Lone from Denmark

‘Holiday girl’ (Ref 44339) variation jeans – Starla

‘Cool customer’ (Ref 44340) variation jacket – Starla

‘Fashion Accessories’ (Ref 44395) Mint in Box – Starla

1981 Sindy

‘Sindy Your First Fashion Doll’ (Ref 44499) blonde bunches Sindy in a blister pack – Bob Leggett and Special Auction Services (SAS)

‘Sindy Your First Fashion Doll’ (Ref 44499) recollection from a toy shop in Wimbledon – Ann from Taunton

‘Summertime Fun’ (International Ref 44641) blonde boxed doll – Bob Leggett and Special Auction Services (SAS)

‘Summertime Fun’ (International Ref 44642) black boxed doll in variation skirt – Basia from Spain

Blue ‘Party Time’ (Ref 44743 International Ref 44643) boxed doll – Joanne from Essex

Pink ‘Party Time’ (Ref 44743 International Ref 44643) boxed doll – Bob Leggett and Special Auction Services (SAS)

Yellow ‘Party Time’ (Ref 44743 International Ref 44643) boxed doll – Sonya

‘Ball Gown’ (Ref 44375) Green Ribbon Variation and fabric observations – Martina, Sweden

‘Ball Gown’ (Ref 44375) recollections on Sindy’s choker necklace  – Amanda Haley

1982 Sindy

‘Skater’ (Ref 44710 – International Ref 44720) Skater Group plus Gold, Blue & Green and Red clad Skaters 4 photos – Starla

‘Quickchange’ (Ref 44712) Sindy model head and colouring sticks – Sarah

‘Happy Days’ (International Ref 44718) confirmation of blue peep toe sandals with boxed doll – Karen O’Reilly Becca and Lone Madsen

‘Bedtime Sindy’ (U.K. uncatalogued) – Bernard Mills, Chairman, Kays Heritage

‘Western’ (International Ref 44748) Mint in Box Sindy – Lone from Denmark

‘Western’ (International Ref 44748) 1982 Shirt – Starla

‘Western’ (Ref 44748) confirmation on cowboy boots – Donna from USA

‘McDonald’s Sindy’ (U.S.A. Ref Unknown) Sindy doll – Starla

‘McDonald’s Sindy’ (U.S.A. Ref Unknown) advert featuring McDonalds Sindy – Susan Stack and the Friends of the Lubbock Public Library, Texas, USA

‘John Menzie Sindys’ (Ref unknown) red and blue dress Sindy dolls – Starla

‘Beachgirl’ (Ref 44100) info on shoe variations – Starla

‘Tender Touch’ (Ref 44122) observations on the fit of the bra and pink panties – Pam B, UK

‘Free ‘n’ Easy’ (Ref 44120) info on shoe variations – Steph from Australia

‘Blue Skies’ (Ref 44125) info on shoe variations – Steph from Australia

‘Rodeo’ (Ref 44365) Sindy wearing white felt hat – Starla

Sindy Goes West (International Ref 44382) Sindy doll wearing outfit – Starla

Sindy Goes West (International Ref 44382) brown felt hat detail in box – Starla

1983 Sindy

‘Western’ (Ref 44748) updated packaging – Basia from Spain

‘Party Girl’ (Ref 44762) usage of plastic poppers on dress – Pam B, UK

‘Pop Singer’ (Ref 44766 – International Ref 44776) main photo – Starla

‘Pop Singer’ (Ref 44766 – International Ref 44776) confirmation of desciption of outfit – Lone from Denmark, Sky and Starla

‘Pop Singer’ (Ref 44766 – International Ref 44776) two Mint in Box Sindys showing the variation of musical instruments – Lone from Denmark

‘Fashion Faces’ (Ref 44765 – International Ref 44775) Mint in Box Sindy wearing thick belt – Starla

‘Fashion Faces’ (Ref 44765 – International Ref 44775) Mint in Box Sindy wearing thin belt – Lone from Denmark

‘Fashion Faces’ (Ref 44765 – International Ref 44775) Leaflet – Starla

‘Trousers and Belt’ (International Ref 44150) confirmation of the belt – Starla

‘Matching Skirt and Top (Ref 44004) reminder with regard to the reuse of the blue and white floral fabric – Pam B, UK

‘Metallic Mover’ (Ref 44020) confirmation of shoes – Lone from Denmark

‘Gala Night’ (Ref 44142) variation outfit – Lone from Denmark

Paul Outfits and Separates

1965 Paul

Paul Made in England, Made in Irish Republic and Made in Hong Kong labels, plus Made in England Paul and Empire Made (Made in Hong Kong) faces close-up – Gill

New Zealand Paul with blue trousers (Ref 13MPS) all photos and information – Neil Taylor, Perth, Western Australia

New Zealand Paul in Hong Kong jeans (Ref 13 MPS) photo of Paul with original polo-neck, jeans and stand – Patricia Ruiter from the Netherlands and raised in New Zealand

 ‘And so to bed’ (Ref 13M01) information on toliet bag and contents – Anonymous

‘Seaside’ (Ref 13M02) information on outfit differences – Anonymous

‘Seaside’ (Ref 13M02) sunglasses – Jacquie

1967 Paul

Portrait of ‘Hairy Paul’ – Gill

Insert Leaflet found with a MIE ‘Sindy Set’ Style Leaflet detailing earlier releases – Sandy Jennings

Patch Outfits and Separates

1967 Patch

Insert Leaflet found with a MIE ‘Sindy Set’ Style Leaflet detailing earlier releases – Sandy Jennings

‘Brownie’ (Ref 9P06) Information on Six Badge – Karen and Interest Badges and quote – Lucinda

‘Casual Skirt’ (Ref 9P56) variation – Anonymous

1968 Patch

Patch (Ref 9GPS) boot charm  – Anonymous

‘Summer Suit’ (Ref 9P61) Mint in Packet outfit – Anonymous

1970 Patch

Advert featuring Patch in ‘Babydoll’ – Jacquie

‘Babydoll’ (Ref 9GPS1) two floral variations – Lindsay

1972 Goodbye Patch

Debenhams Patch (Ref X006) Debenhams Patch and box plus Canterbury and Debenhams Patch comparisons (7 photos) – Gill

Sindy's 1960s Friends

1967-68 Sindy’s new Friends


Mitzi and Betsy Painting Competition Leaflet – Lesley

Mitzi (Ref GMH) Red haired Centrepart main photo – Anonymous

Mitzi (Ref GMH) Blonde haired Centrepart main photo – Anonymous

Mitzi (Ref GMH) turquoise variation close-up – Claire Grover

Mitzi (Ref GMH) Red haired Sidepart and close-up – Karen Withecomb

Mitzi (Ref GMH) Blonde haired Sidepart and close-up – Gill

Mitzi (Ref GMH) box – no charm sticker) Ref GMH – Elizabeth

Mitzi (Ref GMH) additional outfit ‘Dream Date’ mint on card  – Anonymous

Mitzi (Ref GMH) Eiffel Tower charm – Susan Clipston

Mitzi (Ref GMH) box with charm sticker – Gill


Betsy (Ref 6GBS) Mint in Box, side panel, back of box and mint outfits in packet – Gill

Betsy (Ref 6GBS) removed from box – Lesley

Betsy (Ref 6GBS) information on construction of Mattel’s Tutti doll – Jennifer B

‘Party Time’ (Ref 6GB 03) Betsy’s handbag and flowers  – Anonymous

‘Party Time’ (Ref 6GB 03) variation party dress – Scott, Hampshire


Vicki (Ref 12GSV) Mint in Box and side panels detail  – Gill


Poppet (Ref 9GPP) Mint in Box and side panels detail  – Gill

Poppet (Ref 9GPP) double heart charm  – Anonymous

June Sindy's 1970s Friend

June’s 1971 collecting card – Gill

June’s 1975 collecting card – Carly

Mam'selle Outfits


Mam’selle label – Anonymous

‘Teenage Shoes’ (Ref DR314) Mint In Packet – Aly Simmons

‘Gear Nightshirt’ (Ref DR352) “The Beat Express” in yellow print – Sam

‘Gear Nightshirt’ (Ref DR352) “The Beat Express” in green print – Peter

‘Sindy’s Salon’ (Ref DR356) later boxed example (2 photos)   – Pauline

‘Sindy’s Salon’ (Ref DR356) earlier boxed example  – Kiki

‘Sindy’s Salon’ (ref DR356) Triang catalogue photos – Lindsay

‘Pop Posy’ (Ref DR357) variation –

‘Sindy’s Garden’ (Ref DR359) main photo – Carol

‘Pop Accessories’ (Ref DR360) Mint in Box – Susan Clipston

‘Pop Accessories’ (Ref DR360) worn with ‘Op Art’ (Ref DR361) – Aly Simmons

‘In the Mood’ (Ref DR362) main photo – Helen Carter

‘Sunday Best’ (Ref DR375), ‘All Aboard’ (Ref DR383) and ‘April Showers’ (Ref DR388) boxed outfits – Jane Maureen Disley

‘Gad About’ (Ref DR379) main photo and inset medallion belt photo – Anonymous

‘All Aboard’ (Ref DR383) original main photo plus inset photos still shown – Pauline

‘All Aboard’ (Ref DR383) variation trousers – Scott, Hampshire

‘Miss Cortina’ (Ref DR386) original Miss Cortina leaflet – Gill

‘Miss Cortina’ (Ref DR386) 1960s advert and 40th anniversary issue page – The MkII Cortina Owners Club Ltd

‘Bahama Bound’ (Ref DR387) – Anonymous

‘April Showers’ outfit (Ref DR388) original main photo – Helen Carter

‘April Showers’ coat (Ref DR388) original inset photo – Anonymous

‘April Showers’ sou’wester hat (Ref DR388) original inset photo – Anonymous


‘String Set’ (Ref DR450) main photo – Lindsay

‘String Set’ (Ref DR450) unboxed – Anonymous

 ‘Track Suit’ (Ref DR451)main photo and inset photo of torch – Anonymous

‘Group Gear’ (Ref DR475) Mint in Box photos – Inge Palmans


‘Land of Nod’ (Ref DR400) boxed outfit – Pauline

‘Teacher’s Pet (Ref DR401) inset photo of hat – Judith Comfort

‘Happy Returns’ (Ref DR403) Photo of cups, saucers, birthday present & baby doll from  – Anonymous

‘Happy Returns’ (Ref DR403) variation cups & saucers – Sam

‘Tom Boy’ (Ref DR404) main photo complete outfit – Pauline

Sindy Scenesetters

1965 Scenesetters

‘Sindy’s Wardrobe’ (Ref SA2) information on the door decoration – Anonymous

1966 Scenesetters

‘Sindys Bed’ (Ref S12SA3) in first wedge-shaped box – Susan Clipstone

‘Sindys Bed’ (Ref S12SA3) first wedge-shaped box (empty) & end of box detail – Pauline

‘Sindys Bed’ (Ref S12SA3) information on the construction of the bed – Anonymous

‘Sindy Horse’ (Ref 12SA4) Recollections of the first horse – Anne Walker

‘Sindy Horse’ (Ref 12SA4) grooming set – Scott, Hampshire

‘Sindy’s Record’ (Ref 12SA9) photos and recordings – Lisa fantasy sindy

1967 Scenesetters

‘Sindy’s Spray-on Hair Mist’ (Ref 12SA10) photo – Anonymous

1968 Scenesetters

‘Sindy’s Dressing Table’ (Ref 12SA5) box front and back – Jacquie

‘Sindy’s Bedside Table’ (Ref 12SA6) box with boxed furniture – Jacquie

‘Washday’ (Ref 12SA8) Mint in Box with Lux soap – Lindsay

1969 Scenesetters

Sindy Horse’ updated (Ref 12SA4) grooming set – Scott, Hampshire

‘Bell Chime Piano’ (Ref 12SA17) music book & info on songs – Susan Clipstone

‘Sink Unit’ (Ref 12SA18) photos – Lisa Fantasy Sindy

1970 Scenesetters

‘Armchair’ (Ref 12SA20) original main photo – Lisa Fantasy Sindy

‘Hairdryer’ (Ref 12SA24) main photo – Lisa Fantasy Sindy

1972 Scenesetters

‘Settee’ (Ref 12SA22) – original main photo – Lisa Fantasy Sindy

‘Sindy’s Super Show’ (Ref 12SA26) Super Show box, stage and catwalk (4 photos)  – Anonymous

‘Dining Table and Four Chairs’ Ref 12SA27 main photo – Lisa Fantasy Sindy

1973 Scenesetters

Johnny West Ranch set – The CJ3B Page

1974 Scenesetters

‘Sindy’s House’ (S536) main photo – Katie
‘Sindy’s Styling Head’ (S537) – all photos and quote – Lynn Oliver
‘Sindy’s Pool Set’ (S539) – petrol blue towel and recollection – Linda Barber

1976 Scenesetters

‘Relax-in evening’ (Ref 44404 ) TV & coffee table set – Johnny Clarke

1977 Scenesetters

‘Sunlounger’ (Ref 44423) original photos (except swimsuit) – Susan Clipston

‘Stable’ (Ref 44568) origins of the Sindy stable and original designers – Ron van Blokland and Corry van Blokland Mobach

1978 Scenesetters

Caravan (Ref 44564) SIO Sunny caravan photo – Jake & Philippa Davies

Caravan (Ref 44564) observations and original designers – Ron van Blokland and Corry van Blokland Mobach

1979 Scenesetters

The mystery of Baby Sitter solved – Tom Harper

Image of ‘Baby Sitter’ (Ref 44580) reproduced with the kind permission of Pedigree Group Ltd

‘Sindy’s Home’ (Ref 44571) information about the wrong box reference and orginal photo (Ref 44543) – Rieckie

1980 Scenesetters

‘Sindy’s Magic Cooker’ (Ref 44481) photo of cardboard press-out food – Shirley Horn

‘Stable’ (Ref 44578) all photos – Donna from USA

1981 Scenesetters

‘Country Garden’ (Ref 44389) how the Country Garden was developed – Tom Harper

1982 Scenesetters

‘Action Kitchen Unit’ (Ref 44500) confirmation of orange pots and pans – Fran Potter

‘Walk in the Park’ (Ref 44510) bald baby with ghostly limbs – Frankie Sinclair

‘Sindy’s Gig’ (Ref 44519) and ‘Gig and Horse’ (Ref 44520) recollections of photographing cariages for modelling – Peter Bing

Sindy’s Gigs (Ref 44519) & (Ref 44520) confirmation of the type of gig, Western Gift Set (Ref 44852) main photo and ‘ Western Horse’ (Ref 44984) information on buckskin horses – Donna Daub, USA

Pony Club Gift Set (International Ref 44853) Mint in Box – Lone from Denmark

Marx Sindy

Gayle (Ref 1000) boxed doll with heart shaped sticker and ‘Lets Go to the Ballet (Ref 1101) – Lone from Denmark

Canadian Sindy doll (Ref 1000F) bunches in variation outfit – Anonymous

3 Level Home with Automatic Elevator (US Ref 1615 – Canadian Ref 1615F), Artist Center (US Ref 1175) (2 photos), Scenesetter with Armchair and Doll (US Ref 1180) (7 photos), and Slumber Time Set (US Ref 1222) (2 photos) – Anne Marie from USA

Marx Sindy Armchair (US Ref 1245 – Canadian Ref 1245F) – Louise

Marx Sindy Bathtub – Baignoire (US Ref 1240 – Canadian Ref 1240F), Bedside Table breafast set  – Table de chevet petit-déjeuner service (US Ref 1234 – Canadian Ref 1234F), Kitchen Sink – Évier (US Ref 1246 – Canadian Ref 1246F), Washing Machine – Machine à laver (US Ref 1247 – Canadian Ref 1247F), and Mailaways Let’s Bar-B-Que (Ref 1285) and Let’s Go To the Beach (Ref 1291) (6 photos) – Nicole Reilly from Canada

Mailaway Let’s Go To the Beach (Ref 1291) partially unboxed – Starla

Marx Sindy Horse and accessories (3 photos) – Donna from USA

Marx Sindy outfits – Anonymous, Anne Marie from USA, Donna from USA & Liz

Marx Sindy Mailaways ‘Let’s Dress in Style’ and mailaway box (Ref 1290) (3 photos) – Lisa

All other Marx Sindy furniture, box photos and labelling (42 photos) – Suzanne from Canada

Very Special Sindys

Christmas Fairy Sindys

1969 Photo of the Hamleys catalogue of the Christmas Sindy Fairy Queen – Aly Simmons

1977 Photo of The Goodies Christmas Fairy – Carly

Lyons Maid Sindy

Lyons Maid Sindy – Gary Maguire

Menu card & page from “The Daily Cinema” Lydia Pohani – Pearl & Dean

Photo Lyons Maid Cinema Tray – Martin Humphries – The Cinema Museum

Brighton CEA Conference 1967 footage link – British Pathé

Annette Bradford – Cinema Exhibitors’ Association Ltd

Martinair Sindy

Writing collaboration and fourteen photos – Patricia Ruiter from the Netherlands

Straight-arm Martinair jacket with buttons and badge variation placement – Olga Gascón Flanagan from Spain

Photographs of four Martinair Stewardess uniforms – Cliff Muskiet

Sindy & Paul Jack in the Boxes

Sindy Jack in the Box – Photos of Patent Pending label and Sindy in a red latch box – Margaret @ Help Empty My Attic

Paul Jack in the Box – all photos – Susan Clipston

Sindy Puppets

All photos of three Sindy puppets – Lesley Glover

Sindy Trendy Brides

Brides and Trendy Brides black and white photo from the Evening Standard 1972 – Getty Images

Recollection of choosing a gown from Youngs in Leeds in 1976 – Sue Claridge

Auburn Trendy in a cream lace wedding gown – Vicky

Auburn, Blonde and four Brunettes with a green background – Anonymous

Blonde Brides (three) and a Brunette on a pale pink silky background, Blonde Bride on a cream background and 1973 Brunette Bride on a cream background – Julia Lindon-Travers

Blonde Brides (two) and Brunettes (two) and a pink card background – Sandra

Blonde and Brunette on black background – Jacquie

Brunette Bride original wedding day photos and recollections of her bridal gown fitting and seeing her bride doll for the first time in 1973 – Denise Pritchard

Brunette Bride in wedding gown with hooded topcoat and recollection on choosing her gown from London in 1976 – Alicia Howell

Brunette and Silver Trendy Brides on a grey background – Gill

Brunette Hard Head and Silver Trendy Brides on a grey and marble background – Nasreen Durgan

Other brides belong to Anonymous and Lynn (if you read this, please get in touch so we can add your name to the right bride Lynn).

Volendam Sindy

All photographs and text on the Volendam Sindy – Patricia Ruiter from The Netherlands

Mary Poppins 12 inch Dolls

New Zealand’s Mary Poppins

Research – Jennifer B

Information, advert from the Tri-ang magazine & original photos of boxed doll wearing a dark blue coat and travel dress  and those still shown (5 photos) – Anonymous

Boxed doll photos of Mary in a lighter coat, hat, carpet bag and hard plastic shoes (13 photos) – Sandra

Australia’s Mary Poppins

Reseach, Joy Toys advert and Mary head photos with her hair down (3 photos) – Jennifer B

Mint Tuff Toy packaged Mary photos (4 photos) – Michelle K

Main photo of Mary and detailed photos of the doll (5 photos) – Sandra

Information and photo of Mary in red striped work dress & apron – Robynne

Researchers on the Australian Mary – Kaye Tellefson and Luke Jones

America’s Mary Poppins

Horsman Mary Poppins Advert – Courtesy of The Strong, Rochester, New York

Research and head photo of Mary in her coat – Jennifer B

Research and main advisor with photos of Mary (main), all the giftsets and all variations (19 photos) – Martha

Canada’s Mary Poppins

Reliable Dolls Catalogue 1967 photo – With permission of the Canadian Museum of History for the source photo, with the consent of Todd Bruhm, President, Reliable Toy Corporation, Allied Group, Ontario as copyright holder

Research, main photo and head and boots detail photos (3 photos) – Jennifer B

All photos of Mary’s two ‘Jolly Holiday’ outfits and her working dress – Gail Dowler, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The Margaret Bing collection

Photograph of Margaret, applique costume panels and Margarets notes – Peter and Judith Bing

Historic (the Queens)

Portrait of Elizabeth of York – Parliamentary Art Collection

Portraits of Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots and Marie Antoinette – National Portrait Gallery

Sindy Dress-Up Clothes

‘Weekenders’ dress-up outfit (Ref TR27) – Anonymous

Sindy wooden four-poster bed

Two pictures of the original box and Hamley’s catalogue listing still shown, plus the original main photo and bed linen – Anonymous

Sindy Articles

Behind the Scenes with Teenage Fashion Dolls and their Clothes Some Observations and Reminiscences by BillyBoy* all photos belong to BillyBoy* except as follows:

  • Marx Sindy – Our Sindy Museum
  • 1971 ‘Lovely Lively’ – Our Sindy Museum
  • Palitoy Pippa’s wearing ‘Vondel Park’ – Starla
  • Ideal’s Kerry & Crissy wearing Premier Doll Togs outfits – Beth Colvin
  • Premier Doll Togs packaging label – Beth Colvin
  • 1973 Fun Fashion long-sleeved dress – Our Sindy Museum
  • 1974 Spring Date – Our Sindy Museum
  • Mego label – Our Sindy Museum
  • Topper Angie wearing ‘Glimmering Stardust’ – Laura Craig
  • Mego Maddie Mod catalogue – The Mego Museum
  • Mego Dinah-mite ‘Campus Coed’ – The Mego Museum
  • MIE Sindy in ‘Weekenders’ – Our Sindy Museum

The world of 1963 – 1963 Lifestyle article from the photobook “1963: The Year That Changed The World” – Immediate Media Company Ltd

1964 Sindy advertises… – Kosset carpet adverts 1964 – Karen Wright

1965 Sindy and her MGB – with permission of Andrew Ralston and MGE (MG Enthusiast)

Barbara Mansfield Sindy Fashion Designer 1974 to 1985

  • Recollections and photos of Barbara in the 1970s and today – Barbara Mansfield
  • Top Shop in Oxford Street 1975 – London Metropolitan Archives (City of London)
  • The Wedding Dress of Diana, Princess of Wales – Getty Images

1974 The Kellogg’s Competition – Article & all photos – Katie

Pedigree circa 1976 – Employee Prospectus – Jake & Philippa Davies

Haslemere Museum 2011 – article & photos – Laurie Isherwood

2024 Sindy’s 60th Anniversary Exhibition – comments and photos of two Sindys in the tent and the Tonner Bride – Maria Montero and the Ballerina Sindys close-up – Liz Hill @Sindylovesstyle

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