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About us

We are very different people, but we have one thing in common, our love of Sindy collecting. Sindy can be quite difficult to collect, sometimes what was shown in the brochures and catalogues didn't quite match what was actually sold. Pedigree was also frugal and re-used items to complete or extend the ranges available for purchase. We have spent many happy hours researching about what was, and what was not, the definitive outfit and we are constantly learning new things about our collecting hobby.

I am a relative newcomer to the wonderful world of Sindy collecting as I have only been collecting since 2007. My collecting is quite eccentric, I only collect brunette Pedigree Sindys and outfits that I particularly like, and as I don't like polka dots, I don't really collect those outfits at all.

I like detail and knowing that outfits are completely correct and when I first started to collect Sindy, I found it very difficult indeed to establish what was the right outfit. Similarly my doll identification is very specialised, I only need to take one look at a brunette Sindy and I can usually tell you exactly what she is, but show me a blonde or a redhead and I won't have a clue.

My collection started with a 1968 Brunette Sidepart now known as Modom. Originally, I was only going to buy that much longed for, but never purchased, single childhood toy and all the 1960s outfits that she would have worn, but I sort of lapsed and bought other Sindys too (brunettes of course) and assorted outfits that interested me.

I have met some really nice Sindy folk since I started collecting, their knowledge and passion for their collections has been inspirational.

I think I have probably been collecting for about 11 years now. I mostly collect 60s & 70s, some 80s, and Mam'selle. My favourite dolls are Sideparts, Centreparts and Trendys. I am also very fond of Patch and all her outfits.

I absolutely love variations but although I have collected quite a few over the years, there are so many patterns used for some Sindy outfits, that I always keep looking just in case there are any more.

I suppose you could call me old school, I would rather have a doll with hair cut than a re-root, I like things to be original and I love the hunt to complete outfits.

I really liked the idea of pooling knowledge because there is always so much to learn and it is often surprising to find that another collector has the same outfit but it happens to be completely different to yours!

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