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An important aspect of Our Sindy Museum is working with other collectors. Collecting generally is quite personal. There are different aspects of collecting which appeals to some more than others. This enables a degree of specialisation and knowledge. For example, the mint collectors can say with a degree of certainty what was or was not sold with a boxed doll or outfit. Era specific collectors have a much better feel for what is authentic in their timeline. Same goes for geographical collecting, as we are UK collectors it’s much better to collaborate with collectors or original owners from that country or region. By working with others, we are able to capture the best record that we can, and we are quite tough, everything has to be proved.

This is important to us, Our Sindy Museum is archived in perpetuity by the British Library, long after we have all dropped off the twig our collective knowledge will still be there. This is why our Acknowledgements is so extensive, we acknowledge everyone’s contribution, no matter how small.

A long-time supporter of Our Sindy Museum is Julia, and she has a particular collecting interest in the Trendy Brides. Four of Julia’s beautiful brides are already shown in the Museum and today we have added two more. Julia really is our Trendy Bride curator, she knows her ‘stuff’ and her brides are beautiful and original. Both her new girls are gorgeous, and one in particular includes the bride’s personal account of her special day and the first time she saw her doll.

We already have two personal accounts of these special dolls, and they are really important to the history of these dolls, because they provide valuable dating evidence. It’s just lovely to add another personal account to this page. We are grateful to Denise the original owner and to Julia for sharing, as we are to our original ladies Alicia and Sue who shared their stories. Slowly but surely we are adding more detail and understanding of this lovely aspect of Sindy’s history. You will also see that we have slightly rearranged our page to add the year to a particular gown where we have evidence.

Unpleasant as it is, we would like to say something about the rise in fake Trendy Brides that has been seen in recent years. It is a horrible thing to have to tackle, and it is very hard and distressing to tell someone that their bride is not original, we have had to do that, and it’s not very nice. You might say that we are giving the fakers clues by our page showing the brides. But you can also argue that the more brides we show, the harder it is to make one up. We don’t want the brides forgotten or known only to a few. It would be a shame if original brides were not recognised or cut out of their dresses and discarded.

So here are some things to think about. It’s not extensive but it’s a start:
1. Don’t feel pressurised by a Buy It Now, ask yourself why someone wants to shift such a rare doll so quickly instead of letting an auction run where they may make so much more money by the bidding.
2. Look at the seller, look at what they have bought recently. Did they buy trimmings or a dress which could be adapted to look like a Trendy Bride. Clearly harder to do if they have multiple buying and selling accounts, but collectors do work those out.
3. Has that seller sold other Trendy Brides before? Ask yourself how they are able to sell such a rare Sindy multiple times over!
4. Be careful of sellers who sell a Trendy Sindy in a bridal gown with a lot of hints and implying that they are a Trendy Bride without actually saying so.
5. Is that gown far too white or new looking, look at all the Trendy Brides in the Museum, they have a ‘look’. Those white embroidery flowers can still be bought, and you can buy a white dress and sew it onto the doll, so be vigilant.
6. Ask the seller questions, an honest seller won’t mind you asking for provenance or proof. Ask lots and lots of questions and be thoughtful as to the responses.
7. Finally, if your Sindy ‘Spider Senses’ are tingling, listen to that and be careful!
We wish we didn’t have to write this, but it is important that the Sindy collecting community is aware of this issue.

Anyways back to our two new Brides and the wonderful story of the Bride who saw her doll for the first time.

Have a great Easter weekend everyone!

Sindy Trendy Brides

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