Sindy's 60th Anniversary Exhibition

It has been a long time since there was a Sindy exhibition to visit, and so the Sindy 60th Anniversary Exhibition at Chippenham Museum was the perfect opportunity to go and look at our favourite doll.

The exhibition was curated by Karen Colley and Bonita Turner who are both local to the Museum, and who met through their mutual love of Sindy whilst working on a small project for Pedigree.

Karen is no stranger to Sindy exhibitions having curated Sindy’s 50th Exhibition at the museum. Bonita is the founding editor of the Sindy magazine Mam’selle. By combining their collections, and with their different perspectives they have created a very joyful and interesting homage to all things Sindy.

As a Pedigree collector, it was really lovely to see the Pedigree Sindys and their outfits and scenesetters, together with all the different Sindys from Hasbro right through to the Kid Kreations girls. As a play doll collector, it was also a chance to see all the collector dolls including the Danbury Mint porcelain Sindy and the Tonner ladies. Pedigree Toys and Brands Ltd sponsored the exhibition by paying for all the posters and wall art, and these were beautiful and informative.

A very enjoyable exhibition which will warm any Sindy collectors’ heart.

The hallway to the Exhibition was very exciting and enticing. Loving that beautiful floor rug on the far wall.

On the floor outside the entrance door.

Beautiful Sindy collage.

Sindy’s fabulous homes, they were brilliant designs.

The first glass case was devoted to Sindy at leisure and enjoying her holidays.

With cute little details added to every scene.

BBQs, Beaches and Buggys

It was nice to see the BEA/BOAC Cabin Crew on duty.

If you have a better photo, please get in touch!

Wall displays.

Cabinet displays. 

 On the walls you can see snippets of the Sindy timeline posters and other Sindy things. The cabinets also showed lots of interesting little bits and pieces! 

The Sindy 2020 Collectors Club dolls were nice to see, as was the Tesco Sindy.

In the second room, two glass cases full of Sindys!

Friends and Family.

Beautiful Ballerinas.

Emanuel Gowns.

Left, a dear little Sad Face looked so sad in her hospital bed, bless her.

Above, my own personal favourite the ladies at the hairdresser.

It was lovely to see the collectors’ dolls.

Right the 2006 Danbury Mint porcelain Sindy.

Below the Tonner girls.

Kids Kreations, these were such a great update. It’s a shame they were discontinued.

Old and New.

There was also some excellent merchandise for sale.

Thank you Bonita (above left) and Karen (above right), creating and curating such a comprehensive exhibition is hard work. It was a fun day out, very informative, and it’s always lovely to see somebody else’s Sindys.

Thank you also to Liz and Maria for sharing your photos.


The Exhibition has also been covered by BBC Wiltshire and you can read their article here

Sindy’s 60th Anniversary Exhibition runs until Sunday 11th of May at Chippenham Museum, Wiltshire. Entry is free.