Sindy the doll we love to dress

1974 Scenesetters

Sindy's Scenesetters continued to be very popular and it is interesting to note that this popularity now became part of the marketing campaign for Sindy. This is what the 1974 Sindy style leaflet said:

    Much more than just a fashion doll.
    Beautiful costumes are only part of the reason for Sindy's world-wide popularity.
Sindy has so many superbly detailed accessories: a bed with a quilted cover, a wardrobe complete with coat hangers, shoe racks and a mirror, a dressing table with opening drawers, a bedside lamp that lights up, even plated cutlery to go with the dining room suite.
Sindy is more than a fashion doll;
she's part of an enchanting, make-believe world.”

Most of her previous scenesetters from 1973 were still available.
SINDY'S BEDROOM” consisted of the white Wardrobe, the Bed, the Dressing table & stool and the Bedside table, lamp & breakfast set.
SINDY'S LOUNGE” still showed the Chest of Drawers, Sindy's Armchair and her Settee
SINDY'S DINING” was the Dining Table and Four Chairs and her Sideboard.
SINDY'S BATHROOM” showed her Bath and her Hairdryer, however both the trade catalogue and style leaflet noted that the Bath was “No longer available”.

The Sindy's Super Show and the 1973 cardboard Sindy's House were missing from the trade catalogue and style leaflet but both Sindy's 1973 Buggy and Horse were still shown. However, the horse now included an extra outfit and the reference had been changed.

Sindy's Horse (Ref S507)

Sindy handsome bay coloured horse was again called “Peanuts” and was the same as the 1973 model (see 1973 Scenesetters).

This horse had painted eyes, a moulded mane and tail and it stood squarely on all four hooves. The horse had a brown plastic saddle with silver plastic stirrups and a harness and bridle of brown plastic with a plastic bit.  He also had cotton canvas & corduroy nosebag with a brown plastic headstrap which fastened with a gold buckle, a bucket and a yard broom. He also had a curry comb and brush (not shown). We also think, although they were not shown in the Pedigree literature, that he had a red plastic rosette with a blue sticker that said “1st” in white and that there was a riding crop (not shown).

The additional outfit for Sindy consisted consisted of the following. A black felted riding hat (which was smaller than the 1963 'Pony Club' version, and it was felted inside and out rather than just on the outside). A long-sleeved buttercup yellow ribbed cotton turtle-neck jumper which fastened at the back of the neck with a sewn-on metal snap fastener. A pair of camel coloured jodhpurs made of a light cotton with smart turn-ups and a fly front opening which fastened with a sewn-on metal snap fastener. For her feet Sindy was given a pair of black plastic calf-length ankle boots (the same as used for 1971 'Jodhpurs & Sweater').

This scenesetter was called 'Sindy's Horse and Jodhpurs' in the style leaflet.

Sindy's House (S536)

In 1974 Pedigree appears to have tried again to create a home for Sindy and all her furniture. This version was made of a brightly coloured hardboard in shocking pink, purple and white. It was a flat pack modular kit which could be slotted together to construct different shapes. Something very similar did exist, and unlike its predecessor it was much more robust so examples of it can still be found today.

The house was only shown in the trade catalogue and so some doubt exists as to whether it was ever released for general sale. We know of two examples where the original owners say they won it in a Sindy competition and perhaps that was indeed the case. It was not shown in Pedigree's 1975 literature and by then Pedigree had found another way to meet the demand for a home for Sindy, so maybe this was another prototype house that never quite made it into full production, and perhaps those that had been made were given away as competition prizes.

As these houses are still so very rare we don't have one to show you, and we would be pleased to hear from anyone who is lucky enough to own one and who would be happy to show it (duly acknowledged of course).

Sindy's Styling Head (S537)
“A new idea for all those Sindy fans. Now they can really give Sindy their own 'hair-do'.”

Styling heads became very popular in the 1970s and a number of large toy manufacturers made them. Barbie had her own styling head since 1971, however what is interesting is that whilst the contemporary Barbie head also came with makeup, Sindy's new styling head was sold only with hair care equipment. We wonder if the absence of make-up was deliberate, perhaps makeup would have been a step too far for the 'girl next door'.

The Sindy styling head stood 7 inches high and she came with a brush, comb and clip-on curlers. She appears to have only been available as a blonde or a brunette. We do not have this scenesetter and so we do not know how many curlers actually came with the set, the Pedigree trade catalogue/style leaflet photo shows six hair curlers however the 1975 trade catalogue only lists four, so we would be keen to know.

If you have any more information on the 1974 Sindy Styling Head we would love to here from you.

Carry Case (S538)
“No more worries when Sindy owners go on holidays now.
They just put Sindy in her see through pocket and hang up her clothes so that they don't get creased.”

A case to safely store and carry Sindy and her outfits was a great idea and became a favourite Sindy scenesetter. The first version was made of hardboard covered in wipe-clean shocking pink vinyl on the outside and white vinyl on the inside. It was designed like a suitcase, under the carrying handle there was a chrome bag latch and when it was released the front side of the case opened out. The case was divided into two unequal sections. On the left hand side of the carry case there was a separate compartment for a Sindy which had a clear plastic window so that when the case was shut Sindy could be seen. On the right hand side there was a chrome metal hanging rail onto which Sindy's outfits could be hung up on her Sindy hangers. The carry case was sold empty without the Sindy or the clothes.


The shocking pink carry case was decorated with the original Sindy logo and a heart in white and it  normally had a black handle. The handle was made of black plastic and we have seen both square and curved examples. However, white plastic handles have also been found and indeed some carry cases did not have a heart on them.


It was a very distinctive and extremely useful Sindy accessory.

Sindy's Pool Set (S539)
“Now Sindy can really enjoy a holiday break of her own... Now when the sun comes out so can Sindy.”

A great playset consisting of a blow-up inflatable pool made of soft vinyl which could be filled with water. It had bright orange sides and a co-ordinating base with a red and pink floral pattern on a white coloured background. It came with ten additional accessories: an orange and white inflatable vinyl lounger, two orange and white inflatable vinyl armchairs, two blue and white inflatable vinyl beds, two blue and white inflatable vinyl swimming rings, a blue and white inflatable vinyl beach ball, and two white towels decorated with a blue and a red stripe (which was different to the pattern shown in the trade catalogue and style leaflet photo).

Unfortunately we don't have this to show you and we would be pleased to hear from anyone who would be happy to show their's (duly acknowledged of course).

One interesting note is that although the slim legged 'Funtime Sindy' was not shown in the Pedigree literature for 1974, we think that she was used for the photograph of this scenesetter because there is a Funtime in the photo relaxing on the lounger and we are sure she has slim legs.