Sindy the doll we love to dress

Goodbye Patch

1972 is the very last time that we see Patch in the Pedigree trade catalogue and in the Sindy style booklet. The Patch shown is a Canterbury Patch and the style booklet used a brand new reference for this doll (the trade catalogue used the original Patch reference). Patch is shown in her original Dungarees but minus her headscarf, however we cannot confirm whether this is indeed how she was sold or whether she was actually wearing the dungarees variant outfit that we have shown in 1971 or her 'Babydoll' outfit from 1970.

A number of accounts refer to her being sold exclusively by Debenhams between 1971 and 1973. However we are unsure how this fits in with the fact that Patch is shown in Pedigree literature for both 1971 and 1972 without any indication that she could only be purchased from Debenhams. We therefore think that all we can say on this is that either the Patch shown was not actually available for sale, or that at some point by the end of 1972 when Pedigree dropped Patch from their Sindy range, they made a deal with Debenhams to sell Patch probably as a way to use up the rest of Patch stock.  

Accounts also differ as to what the Debenhams' Patch was wearing. Colette Mansell in the “The History of Sindy” says that the Debenhams' Patch were sold “dressed in various familiar Patch outfits” however other accounts including 12S Magazine edition 9 say she came wearing just a pair of white pants. The Debenhams box was very distinctive in that it had opening end flaps and advertised Patch as “a doll who's fun to dress!”. A number of her original outfits were shown on the back of the box and were offered at special prices presumably also to clear the very last of the Patch stock.

If you have any more information on Patch in her final few years we would love to hear from you.

Patch (Ref 9GPS2) (? Boxed doll Outfit)

Here is Patch dressed exactly in the last outfit that is shown in the Pedigree trade catalogue and in the Sindy style booklet for 1972. We do not know if she was actually available for sale or if this was what she was wearing (see above). She was shown wearing her 'Dungarees' (see 1966 Patch) but without her headscarf. She was wearing a pair of her red shoes.