Sindy the doll we love to dress

1971 Patch Outfits and Separates

There were no new outfits or separates released for Patch in 1971. Patch could still be purchased in her 'Babydoll' outfit, but her 'Party and Play' pack was no longer shown. We do not know if she could still be purchased in her 'Dungarees' outfit, although this outfit minus the headscarf is shown in the 1972 catalogue. Patch's boot charm was still advertised as accompanying the doll.

What is worth noting is that whilst many of the photos of previous outfits and separates were reused for this catalogue, Patch's Pocketwise fashions had been updated and now showed photographs of the outfits on both Patch and Poppet, where previously they had been illustrations. For the first time we see the Canterbury Patch who was produced right at the very end of the 1960s and at the beginning of the 1970s. The Canterbury Patch is a favourite amongst Patch collectors, many think she was the prettiest Patch produced. She had a new face which was hand painted and she had soft shoulder length hair with a fringe. Some styles were big bouncy curls and there are a variety of hair colours. We know that she could be purchased in the 'Babydoll' outfit.

Of the twenty-three outfits and separates shown in 1969 only twenty were still available. 'Bedtime Duo', 'Summer Special' and 'Summer Suit' were no longer shown. Also the names of outfits which had been changed in 1969 had reverted back to the originals.

We do have one outfit left which we would like to show you. It is widely believed to be a Patch outfit because it does fit her perfectly and it has many of the characteristics of a Pedigree outfit. It has crossed our minds that this might have been the equivalent of the 'Dungaree' outfit used for 1972, but we don't know and so we are showing it here. It could even be that this is not a Patch outfit at all, so we would welcome any information regarding it.

Unknown Patch outfit (?Boxed doll outfit)

This all-in-one garment again made to look like a two-piece was made of cotton. The 'trousers' were vertical red, white and blue stripes attached to a red cotton cap-sleeved 'top' with a red and white gingham check turtle-neck. It fastened at the back with two large white plastic poppers and it was sewn with nylon. We do not know what shoes, if any, came with this outfit so we have just used a pair of Patch's white shoes with the moulded bows.

We have noticed that this outfit appears to be made of fabric which was used by Pedigree to make other garments, please see the photo above right which shows what we mean. The top looks like the same fabric as the 'Funtime Pocket Money - Fun Fashion' dress from 1974 (and also but not shown the 'Fun Fashion' long sleeved dress from 1973) and the trousers are made of one of the fabrics used for the matelot top for 'Weekenders'. So perhaps this outfit is later than 1971?

We would welcome any information on this outfit.