1971 Scenesetters

Most of Sindy’s previous scenesetters were still available including her:

  • bedroom furniture (wardrobe, bed, dressing table, bedside table & breakfast tray, and chest of drawers)
  • bell chime piano
  • washday set
  • folding leaf table & two chairs now described as ‘Kitchen Furniture’
  • working sink unit, and
  • working bath.

Also available was Sindy’s horse called Peanuts (now shown as the chestnut horse) and Patch’s pony Pixie.

Missing from the Pedigree catalogue were the 1968 releases of the wardrobe trunk and the camping set.

New releases for 1971 were:

Cooker & Working Food Mixer (Ref 12SA19)

We do not know if this scenesetter was only ever just a prototype or whether it actually made it into production. We don’t have it and actually we don’t recall ever seeing it. If anybody has any information on this scenesetter, we would be pleased to hear from them.

Armchair (Ref 12SA20)

In 1971, Sindy finally got a comfy chair. It was made of moulded white vinyl stylised to look like a soft upholstered armchair in fashion at the time.

Hair Dryer (Ref 12SA24)

One of Sindy’s early iconic scenesetters, her hooded hair dryer with a seat.

The blue and white version shown in the catalogue appears to have been a prototype and was just the hood or canopy on a stand only. The version that was actually for sale was made of pink and white plastic and was designed with an adjustable hood and an integrated seat. It really worked with the aid of two HP11 batteries. It is unknown as to whether there were any extra items such hair curlers provided.