1970 Scenesetters

This section has been hard to verify. Most of Sindy’s previous scenesetters appeared to be still available including her bedroom furniture (wardrobe, bed, dressing table, bedside table & breakfast tray, and chest of drawers),  bell chime piano, wardrobe trunk, washday set, folding leaf table & two chairs, working sink unit, and working bath. Also available still was Sindy’s horse (although shown as chocolate brown with a white mane), Patch’s pony and the camping set.

The 1970 brochure also showed “Sindy’s Town House” (Ref 12SA23). This version was described as being easily constructed and made of fibreboard.  It looks to have had two storeys, with a simply decorated room on each floor. We have never seen this and it does not appear on the toy shop ordering lists for 1970, so we are not sure it was ever for sale. If you know anymore about this town house, we’d love to hear from you.

Also shown in the brochure was her new lounge furniture upholstered in black, blue and white fabric with co-ordinating cushions. They appear to have been made on a tan plastic frame to mimic the fashionable wooden and soft upholstery furniture of the time.

There were three items:

  • Armchair (Ref 12SA20)
  • Easy Chair (Ref 12SA21)
  • Settee (Ref 12SA22)

Unlike the Town House, these items do appear to have been available to order, but we have never seen them and we are still not sure that they could be bought. If you have them or you have seen them, we’d love to hear about it.