1967 Scenesetters

Paul’s iconic scooter and a hair care set for Sindy were 1967 additions to the scenesetter range. Both are now prized items for collectors to find today.

This was Paul’s only Scenesetter, which was subsequently rebranded “Sindy’s Scooter” after Paul was dropped. Luckily the window box was styled “Sindy’s and Paul’s Scooter”.

Paul's Scooter (Ref 13MA1)

A 1960s lambretta or vespa style scooter which really worked with the aid of two batteries hidden in a compartment which could be accessed from underneath the scooter beneath the seat. It was made of white plastic, with a black seat, black handle grips and tires. The plastic seat could lift off and it had a moveable strap for Sindy to hold on when sat on the back. It was trimmed with ‘chrome’ detailing and it had a front headlight and even a tax disk which said “DEC1967 D39101 Private 12 months”. There was also a paper speedometer, chrome exhaust, gear stick & knob. There were two small stabilizers underneath to keep it upright.

There has been much speculation about the number plate LIB3478. Some believe the LIB refers to Lines Brothers Ltd (Pedigree’s parent company). However it is much simpler than that. LIB3478 was Pedigree Dolls Ltd’s phone number, LIB being the first three letters of the Liberty exchange which covered Merton & South Wimbledon. Pedigree was based in Merton at the time.

Spray-on Hair Mist (Ref 12SA10)

Sindy could now change the colour of her hair and her hair switch with her own shampoo and hair colouring set by Steiner. There was silver for “super sophistication” and gold for “daring dash”. The kit included shampoo, colours, cleansing cream for Sindy’s face and an instruction leaflet. The Hamey’s toy catalogue noted that the colours held until shampooed out, but could be brushed off carpets and furniture. The set was quite expensive for the time at 24 shillings and 10 pence.

Similarly to some Sindy outfits shown in 1967, but which were released earlier, we know this set was released in the Summer of 1966 see 1967 Sindy Outfits and Separates