Sindy the doll we love to dress

1965 Scenesetters

Pedigree also introduced the first of Sindy's accessories in 1965. A range of items which was to prove just as popular as Sindy and her outfits. Sindy's accessories were called "Scenesetters". However, this term wasn't actually used until 1969.

Sindy's Car (Ref SA1)

Based on the popular MGB Roadster, Sindy's car was a bright red two-seater sports car. It was very detailed with chrome fenders, hub caps and headlamps. It had a moulded interior in cream and had a radio aerial bearing a Sindy banner. This is a very difficult item to find today in pristine condition, the wide plastic windscreen has a tendency to warp and buckle (this is a problem with some 60s plastic).

In April 2021 MGE (MG Enthusiast) wrote a very interesting artice on Sindy's MGB which can be found using the link below:

Sindy's Wardrobe (Ref SA2)

Sindy's first wardrobe also made an appearance this year. An ultra modern design in sugar pink with white doors, drawers and top shelf. On the inside left door was a full length mirror and shoe rack. On the right a belt rack and little boxed in shelf for small items.

It should be noted that the very first Wardrobe did not have the Sindy “S”s on the doors (and was perhaps bought in or or re-used from something else). On later issues (shown above) the outside of the doors were both badged with a pink Sindy “S” which was affixed with tiny pins.

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