Sindy the doll we love to dress

1964 Sindy Outfits and Separates

In 1964 Sindy was given two more outfits and two more separates. These outfits have the same flat, metal poppers and “Made in England” labels as the 1963 versions.

Bridesmaid (Ref 12S09)

Sindy's first bridesmaid dress was lovely, it had a full length, shimmering strapless lemon yellow gown made of two layers. The underdress was made of yellow satin covered with a layer of sparkly white chiffon. It had a fitted bodice trimmed at the top with a double layer of white chiffon, and it had a full floor length skirt. The dress fastened at the back with two white painted metal poppers. Worn over the dress was a matching jacket which also fastened at the back with two white painted metal poppers. The jacket had a stand-up chiffon collar around the neckline and three-quarter length sleeves decorated with a white satin ribbon trim. This ribbon was also used as a trim at the bottom of the jacket and it was tied in bow with long ribbon streamers at the back. Underneath the dress Sindy wore a double layered full length net slip to fill out the skirt. The outfit came with a decorative bouquet of blue fabric flowers, with the same flowers sewn to a length of white satin ribbon to make a matching headband. She also wore a pearl and gold link necklace around her neck, which was “a gift from the bridegroom” and white kitten heel shoes on her feet.


There is a variation of this outfit which has pink fabric flowers in the bouquet and on the headband. This version has been photographed flat so that you can also see the detail of the strapless dress, the long jacket ribbons, net slip and necklace.

A truly beautiful outfit, although it is fragile and the chiffon frays easily. This outfit was only available for two years from 1964 to 1965. 

Seaside Sweetheart (Ref 12S10)

A groovy little number which consisted of orange gingham 'Jamaica' shorts and a matching midi or crop top fastened at the back with one white painted metal popper. If it got colder Sindy could slip on her orange towelling, hooded beachwrap which tied with a white cord. There was a matching towelling beachbag with the same white cord tie, a bottle of suntan lotion and a pair of sunglasses. On her feet, Sindy wore a pair of mustard coloured daisy sandals.

Springtime (Ref 12S59) (aka Blouse)

This was a pretty, patterned cotton blouse with long push-up sleeves and a sewn-on mandarin collar. The cuffs were elasticated and it fastened at the back with three metal poppers. The poppers vary in type depending on where it was made and a number of these blouses have been found with no poppers at all. The blouse was shown in a number of style leaflets up to and including 1970, and over its life it was made in a number of different Pedigree factories. Thus it can be found in a variety of patterns and colours. We believe that there maybe at least twelve different colourways and patterns.  We have tracked down eleven and we would be very pleased to hear from anyone who has any other patterns.  The good thing about this garment is it nearly always has a label, so it is quite easy to identify where it was made. The photo above shows the Made in England versions. The red coloured pattern was shown as a drawing for a number of years in the Pedigree style leaflets. This version has three flat white painted metal poppers.


The blouses shown in these three photos (above left, above right, & left) are all Made in the Irish Republic. They have been found with flat white painted metal poppers or flat stainless steel metal poppers. Indeed we have a blouse which has been made with both types of fastenings. In the 1969 & 1970 style leaflets the drawing of this top was updated using a greenish blue version of the pattern shown above right and it was renamed simply as 'Blouse'.



The blouse shown in the photo left is a Made in Hong Kong version. It has three dome-shaped white painted metal poppers.





Sweet Swimmer (Ref 12S60)

A lovely royal blue stretch nylon swimsuit with a white trim at neckline. White kitten heel two-strap backless sandals accompanied this outfit.

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