1960s Mam’selle Paul ‘King of the Road’ plus Sindy Chocolates and Wallpaper

Hot on the heels of the lovely New Zealand Paul, we are returning again to Sindy’s boyfriend and to his hard to find Mam’selle ‘King of the Road’ outfit shown on a really nice Made in England Paul. This exhibit has been substantially revised. This is courtesy of Scott who is definitely an ‘old school’ fashion doll collector. He only collects Sindy up until 1972, Paul, Patch, plus some 1960s Barbie (but all her outfits from 1970!), the Disco Girls, Pippa, Tressy and assorted early fashion dolls that he just likes. He prefers things to be original, even if it means they are not perfect. This is what he has to say about his King of the Road.

“I bought my “King of the Road” from a car boot sale in a box of mostly Action Man many years ago. I think that this helmet is the correct one for the outfit. It is strange that it is yellow because there is an illustration which shows it as being white. However, the Faerie Glen biker helmet is a white pudding basin helmet with red straps and a red trim around the edge and I have that, so maybe it had to be different. I also saw the King of the Road leathers with this yellow helmet sold by a French eBayer many years ago, so I am pretty sure it was yellow. I have been collecting since 1999, and all those years I’ve only ever seen a couple of these helmets and as mine has chinstraps made from Leather Looker, I think it must be right. The problem is, if you don’t know what something looks like, you don’t know what it is, and it could of come up loads of times on eBay but you miss it because you don’t know what to look for, or it’s listed as Action Man or something else. I have also seen Action Man helmets sold as King of the Road, and I know they are not right. I think we need to show what we have, so it doesn’t get forgotten, and because let’s face it, we arent getting any younger so I worry my knowledge will be lost if something happens to me and my collection is just broken up or thrown away. If someone has the boxed outfit, I would like to see it please as I have some glasses and gloves which were in the box which I can’t place, and I also wonder if there were actually proper goggles with the outfit and maybe even a scarf? I would also like to be sure I have got this outfit right.”

Scott has also shared his rather nice 1966 Sindy Suchard chocolate wrappers (no chocolate sadly) and the Sindy wallpaper advert which we have placed with the 1966 Scenesetters because we think that is the right year, but happy to move it to a different page if anyone has any more information on it please?

It’s great that we all collect differently because it enables us to gather everybody’s knowledge together, with their own personal observations and experience; this in turn helps to create a better record of all things Sindy. Thank you Scott!

Paul Mam’selle Outfits

1966 Sindy Scenesetters

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