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Our Sindy Museum

We launched the first version of this website on Monday 6th September 2010 to celebrate the “official” 47th birthday of Pedigree’s most famous teenage fashion doll, Sindy.

Here we are thirteen years later, on Sindy’s 60th Birthday, with version 2.0. Welcome back and thank you for your support over all these years.

We first decided to build an online reference site for Sindy because as anyone who has ever collected the Pedigree Sindy doll knows, collecting Sindy can sometimes be very difficult. Pedigree made toys and probably didn’t foresee that one day they would become collectors’ items in their own right.

This means that the Sindy leaflets, brochures and trade catalogues are not always complete, correct or detailed enough for the serious collector. Fabrics and items were sometimes changed after the literature had been printed in order that the company could ship the product. This problem isn’t just confined to Sindy; almost every toy collector can tell you a similar story.

It can therefore be very difficult to establish what the outfit or the accessory looked like, or what came with it. So what we did, and still do, is research each item very carefully. Wherever possible we try to describe first-hand from our own collections or from what our friends have told us about their own. We also ask a lot of questions, and we remain deeply grateful to everyone who answered so patiently and diligently.

It was a huge task just to get to where we are and it still is. In later years adding new entries to the old museum became increasingly difficult. Our website host was bought out and no more money was invested in it, so over time we lost the functionality and tools to update the museum. Bless it, the old museum was getting very tired and outdated compared to modern websites, but you could still check things which had always been the point. Finally we took the plunge and decided it was time to modernise the museum because adding stuff was hard, we were frustrated, and we couldn’t always show you things as we would like. 

As we have always said, we don’t know everything, we don’t have everything and we won’t always get it right. But the idea remains that if we can work collaboratively and pool our knowledge, we can create a definitive Sindy reference resource that can be used by everyone. As usual if you have any thoughts or have something different, do get in touch. The beauty of our new website is we can update it.

You will see throughout the museum that there are still odd gaps where we don’t have something and if we are not certain of the facts we always say so. If you are able to provide any more information we’d love to hear from you and your contribution will be acknowledged. We would also welcome any suggestions that you may have.

Even if you are not a collector yourself, but remember Sindy from your own childhood, please feel free to browse. The site is for everyone.


Patch was Sindy’s naughty little sister and was introduced in 1966. Everyone seemed to have a ‘naughty little sister’ in the 1950s and 1960s, and books such as the classic Dorothy Edwards series on “My Naughty Little Sister” were hugely popular. Portrayed as a “rascal”, it was said she was always playing gooseberry when Sindy and Paul were together, and she loved to play tricks on them. She was “always getting into mischief but she’s a good girl at heart”.


Sindy met Paul at a dance in 1965. She was immediately attracted to his pleasant, shy personality. “She noticed what a well-dressed young man he is (and you know how important clothes are to her!)”. Paul had a number of outfits designed to complement Sindy’s fashions and together they were a cool, good looking couple.

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